CMCMAG-BA5 - not the quality media you might expect

Dear All,

Just wanted to drop in and share my experience with CMCMAG-BA5 discs. Having went to CMCMAG-BA3 discs after the RITEK fiasco, and being rather satisfied, I naturally assumed these would be better. I could not be more wrong.

And what a shame as well!

PLDS Blu-ray burners have traditionally been bad (LiteOn was bought by PLDS years ago). I don’t think they even burn the 50GB CMC media at all.

I’ve used CMC for a lot of things with better burner hardware and I’ve never had a coaster, and the quality has always been high, both 25GB and 50GB.

PS. nice blog site btw. :iagree:

A note:
The buffer/speed issue at around 10x is likely due to a bug in ODC. It is suggested to use ImgBurn to write the medium and still obtain a write graph; should this not help, then it is likely an issue somewhere else within the system.

And as Electrox3D suggests above, the LiteOn drives are not the best at writing to BD-R media. It makes me wonder if a newer Pioneer or LG would do a better job at writing to them, as the LiteOn drives seem to have a problem producing good [equivalently good] quality on anything besides MEI/Panasonic media*.

*: Other media may still be well-written by the LiteOn iHBS drives, but the MEI media was the first to cross my mind as being notably good

Thanks guys for your replies. I’ve had few issues in general with BA3, VERBATIMc and even INFOMER30 on my iHBS212 - so I naturally assumed Lite-On wasn’t too bad. Maybe I’ll come to the same conclusion in the future in regards to PLDS burn quality in general but they did much better with my PRODIS-CR0’s. Thanks also for the heads-up on a probable ODC bug - will keep this in mind for future tests to avoid media waste.

Unfortunately, the non-PLDS drives in my collection are the LG GGW-H20L which … doesn’t support BA5’s. I may investigate further, but I’ll pretty much chalk it up as something I’d avoid if I can. Maybe I’m just shopping too much at the bargain end :stuck_out_tongue: