CMC shuts down DVD recorder factory

CMC Magnetics has decided to cease producing DVD recorder through its subsidiary Actima Technology due to an inability to compete in the market, according to CMC vice president and spokeswoman Andria Wong.

Actima?s factory is able to turn out 200,000 DVD recorders per month and the company will incur costs of NT$70 million as it closes down the factory. The R&D staff will be move to another office and shift their focus to FVD (forward versatile disc) development, Wong pointed out.

Actima will also shift its production to FVD players at its factory in Guangdong Province (China), Wong noted.

Source: DigiTimes

I’ve never heard of Actima … they need to fire everyone in their marketing department.

yep!!! Actima sounds more like some kind of ointment!!!

I think Kenny can tell you something about it.

From Google:

7F, No.50, Hwa-Ya 3rd Rd., Kuei-Shan Hsiang, Tao-Yuan Hsien 333, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-3-3182188
Fax: +886-3-3182199

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Maybe CMC was running the factory to produce some OEM DVD recorders. The factory was probably also used to produce some CD and DVD PC drives in the past.

Yes … the Benq 1620 series :stuck_out_tongue:

BenQ DW1620 is not a DVD recorder.

Every DVD recorder requires a dvd witer :wink:

That’s not the same thing. The DVD-ROM drives used in standalone DVD players and DVD recorders are mostly produced in China. DVD recorder factories just assemble them. DVD writer factories assemble DVD writers. If DigiTimes says DVD recorder, it usually means standalone units specifically.