CMC or Prodisc Verbatim?


CMC or Prodisc Verbatim: How does one tell apart? Which is better? I think i have seen this thread somewhere. Could someone point out the thread to me.


Lots of opinions about which is better, but this thread describes how to tell them apart:

Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim: Differentiating at retail

Interesting posts in that thread:

Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim Serials

Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim Font on Packaging

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And an opinion (among others…) about which one is better:

Well… none is [I]consistently [/I]better than the other anymore! :bigsmile:

CMC used to be better and more consistent, but those days are apparently gone. :slight_smile: (for time being… you never know what can happen in the optical media industry! :rolleyes: )

I have not seen any quality variations in the MCC 03RG20, unlike the MCC 004. I much prefer the +R; when it is good, it is good in any drive I own. The -R is only up to my standards in the Pioneer 111 and LG drives. However, it consistently turns out the same quality burns between CMC and Prodisc, even over the last year and a half.