CMC - normal to grow a bunch of errors?

I have a bunch of (Memorex) CMC Magnetics discs that I burned a couple of months ago. They usually came up error-free after I burned them. But now they have a bunch of C2 (yellow in Nero CD Speed) errors. Is it normal for CMCs to “grow” errors after even a short time? I have been re-burning the ones that have red errors onto better media such as Ritek or TY. When I burned those discs, I didn’t know a lot on how to find good media, but now I have a bunch of TYs and don’t buy CMCs anymore and will probably reburn a lot of them onto better media. Thanx!

Yes, CMC are among the worst media you could buy. Avoid like the plague.


I wished I had did more research on this forum before getting the Philips (CMC) CD-Rs. :confused: But luckily, no coasters yet.

CMC’s are very unpredictable. One day you could have a “good” batch where every disc burns without an error, but give 'em a coupla months and I bet ya that at least half won’t be fully readable!


I would also add this. I’ve recently bought a box of new TDK branded media (80 min, 16x MAX, red cover), run the ATIP tests and found they’re manufactured by CMC, so far 6 coasters (or defective media) out of 10, AVOID THAT PIECE OF CRAP AT ALL COST !!

CMC = Defective Media

OK just to add my 10 cents worth to the discussion
I just completed a nero cd speed quality check of all my data cds burnt over the last 4 years
believe it or not but the 20 or so CMC discs (Mr Data brand) are perfect with absolutely no errors even after 4 years
guess it shows that CMC can produce decent media sometimes
pity they don’t label it crap and not-so-crap so u know which one to buy
my burner is LTR24102B
the other quality brand (40 discs no errors up to 4 years after burning) is TDK made by Ritek