CMC/Memorex Blues!

This is odd, below I’ve included a pic of the scans on the media I purchased recently. It’s been burned with a Plextor 708A V1.04 @ 2.4X. The media is CMC F01 and more info is available upon request. Any how the problem I am having is dispite the pretty low error rates on the media, It still pauses on my playstation. I’ve never had that problem before as to say with other media, which if I recall correctly has never had such low error rates. Most of the other media I’ve burned avarages around 60 - 120 PI and minimal P0’ errors. Anyhow tell me what you guys think… A bit worried because I do a lot of business burning home movies and I don’t want to have problems with people not being able to play thier movies…

As you have discovered, read errors have less to do with player compatability than reflectivity does.

Yes, I guess I did… In the past I always thought that reflectivity was in some way relaited to the error that a disk had. I guess I have to confess that I still don’t completely understand how it all works… Any suggestions as to where I can read up on this topic?