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When will Lite-On get on the ball and do a ‘match more media’ firmware upgrade for the crappy CMC media? The latest batch I have are made in Mexico by CMC. It seems that a lot of media companies use CMC. Must be because they’re a cheaper brand eh? But alas I have seen many brands become coasters besides CMC, Taiyo Yuden(HP Brand made in Japan), Maxell, Vebatim, TDK, Memorex. Funny thing is I have never burned a coaster using a cdrw, never, regardless of brand. Strange indeed. Lite-Ons for whatever reason don’t like CMC media. I think Lite-On should address this problem asap.:cool:


Well, as a side note: CMC do not work well with many of my CD-R drives so this is more a media problem than a drive problem.

My LTR-52246S works ok with CMC though.

Depends on the batch, some CMC discs is worse than others.


Originally posted by REDKING

It seems that a lot of media companies use CMC. Must be because they’re a cheaper brand eh?

Lite-Ons for whatever reason don’t like CMC media.
Yeah, it’s all 'bout the money…or rather profits and fat wallets, lol.

What speed would you burn those at ?
See, I’ve never had any coaster when burning audio @4x-16x.
The below scans define the CMC being just average media and that’s it.


Speed did not seem to matter with any of the coasters burnt. I always burn at the rated speed shown on the media even though with progs that show the burn speeds as being slightly higher. I suspect Nero itself for the SCSI Command timeout error registry settings since this is the error that always appears when a burn fails. I’ve done all the usual idiot-proofing and Nero still will occasionally burn a coaster. The Lite-On is very fussy when it comes to what media it’s fed.
It may be a combination of Nero 6 and my burner, but Blindread is proving otherwise in my tests, so far no coasters with Blindread/Blindwrite. If Nero doesn’t shape up, I may have to dump them off my computer!


Originally posted by REDKING

The Lite-On is very fussy when it comes to what media it’s fed.

Yet not as fussy as Plextor or Yamaha.
Which Nero do you have ?


It would be helpful if you tell us what burner you have, post an ATIP of the media too.
CMC rarely burns well at it’s “rated” speed. The SCSI timeout error can mean a number of things, usually not software related.


Nero is 6/version Burner is a Lite-On 40/12/48 overclocked to a 48/12/48 firmware VSOD. Nero reports a SCSI/IDE Command Timeout Error and just tonight, PMA update error. Too bad Nero fails to explain these errors and how to correct them. Nero needs what Feurio has: The ability to disable other problem drivers or for Nero to just enable the drivers it needs, disable the ones it doesn’t. ASPI layer is 4.60. What burners will write this problematic CMC media without choking? Are there any Nero registry tweaks to solve these errors? I like Nero’s flexibility but coasters are becoming a drag. I assumed buffer underun protection and Smart-Burn sole purpose is to prevent coasters. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Nero is skating on very thin ice.


This does not sound like a media issue.If it was media, the error would be different. For the sake of troubleshooting, I would flash the drive back to it’s native F/W and use Nero5.5.
Check and/or replace IDE cable and remove all traces of packet writing software, this sounds like a hardware or driver problem.
What motherboard and IDE controller driver are you using?


Here is the odd part: Nero does burn perfectly at times, provided the correct speed is chosen. My rig is a IBM Netvista/Pentium 3/256Mb ram/IDE contoller is Intel 82801AA/WinMe. Motherboard I have no idea. I update my drivers regularly. Despite the version of Nero I used, it has always been a buggy prog in my opinion, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t be updating it all the time. As we all know, updates and firmware upgrades are really bug fixes. In their effort to get a product to market, they do not work out the bugs before it ships. This probably applies to all software companies. The horrid CMC media is most likely the culprit in my case. Nero would do well do put up a warning box on the screen saying: Try another media brand/same goes for burners. The companies who make burners should provide a list of recommended and tested media, this would solve many problems with the dreaded ‘coaster issue’.
I have been thinking about upgrading to a 52x burner anyway and giving the old Litey the heave-ho. I just have to decide on what brand. You may be right Grimes about a hardware issue but I have no idea how to proceed. :confused:


boskin wrote:

“See, I’ve never had any coaster when burning audio @4x-16x.”

I don’t have NEAR the experience burning as some here…I’ve probably only burnt 800-1000 discs. I HAVE never had a coaster…and I burn at 4x-8x…on my plextor 8/8/24 unit…

On my internal “stock” burner…I’ve burnt at 16x with NO coasters…ever!!!

I still don’t understand why people NEED to burn so fast…40x, 48x , 52x…

If you’re that busy…somethings wrong…slow down…smell the roses…make a better copy…I’m still a firm believer in slower speeds…my “limited experience” proves it…at least to me…

It’s like when people wait for the last minute to go somewhere…then they’ve got to RUSH…SPEED…“no time to waste”…Too bad…those type “A’s”…will burn out quicker…so will your burner…



…slow down…make better copies…

Unfortunately, the evidence does not support this statement. It IS true that older, slow drives can make fine burns at low speeds. But, given high-speed media and a high-speed burner, optimal quality is not acheived at low speeds except with specialized burners like the Yamaha or Plextor which are designed for this. And even in that case, the burn quality is no better than many high speed burns.
This subject has been discussed here ad nauseum, for starters, you can consult this thread.


Yes, rdgrimes…

I’ve read many threads and posts about speeds and burning…

I’m just quoting Boskin on his experience…and I’m passing on my experience…as limited as it may be…

But it’s conclusive…No Coasters at the posted (4x-16x)burning speeds…that speaks for itself…

And of course…that’s with the equipment involved…I use Mitsui for archiving…up to what…48x capability…maybe 52x…

and Fuji(TY)…up to 48x…

I know at least my Mitsui’s are rated from 1x to…48-52x…


I made the decision to remove and retire the Lite-On from my computer. Perhaps my overclocking it damaged it in some way but I had tired of the coasters it produced. I replaced it with a TDK 48/24/48 which I found at a bargain price of $60. Also included were 10 80m cdr’s(TDK/CMC). Since installing it, it has performed flawlessly and it now has the latest firmware revision to match more media(S7S9). I am also happy to report it burns CMC media perfectly, and at 48x! My Lite-On never would burn at 48 much less 40x speed. It also performed poorly with K Probe but now K Probe works as it was intended with no choking or crashes like with the Lite-On. Based on my experience or my lack of it, I wouldn’t consider buying another Lite-On. The TDK smokes it in every regard. It even rewrites at 24x speed which is super fast after using 10 and 12x rewritables. I don’t expect I’ll be burning any more coasters, so this is a closed topic for me, thank goodness! Thanks to all for your comments/suggestions. TDK rules and it burns media past it’s ratings with ease. I have some HP media(Taiyo Yuden)rated at 12x that burns at 40x. I’m a happy man.:bigsmile:


Originally posted by REDKING
Based on my experience or my lack of it, I wouldn’t consider buying another Lite-On.
Too late! You already did buy another Lite-On. :wink: The TDK 48/24/48 veloCD is a Lite-On. More specifically, it is a Lite-On LTR-48246S under the covers (with slightly customized firmware).



Originally posted by cfitz

The TDK 48/24/48 veloCD is a Lite-On.
Yeah, I have one such here which has always been serving me as LTR52246S :slight_smile:


Originally posted by rdgrimes

Unfortunately, the evidence does not support this statement…

…And even in that case, the burn quality is no better than many high speed burns.

The evidence is in the CD-RW forum.
Those with the eyes (and most importantly, with the brains) can see and estimate everything on their own.

More often better ( needless to point this out !) or, as you like, not worse either. :wink:

Originally posted by joelmon

I still don’t understand why people NEED to burn so fast…40x, 48x , 52x…

To get a “kick” when seeing the drive CAPABLE of finishing the burning in 2.30 - 2.40, lol.

Joel, please just stay away from/don’t get involved in this kinda polemics, 'coz it leads you nowhere.
You know what’s best for your drive, the Yamaha and Plextor engineers definitely know much better
than anybody else of this thread’s participants what’s best when it comes to quality audio recording.


Yes, I am aware that my TDK is a Lite-on, I read the review at I suppose I should have clarified that I would not buy a branded Lite-On burner again. I don’t care who makes the TDK drive, bottom line is that it performs as advertised(which it does) and I don’t have any of the problems I had with my old Lite-On: COASTERS! COASTERS! and more COASTERS! It seems that my Lite-On was the source of all my burn failure issues: computer locking up/Nero freezes/the strange error messages/programs like KProbe not even working/buffer underuns/the drive making that horrid spinning up/down sound which always meant an illegal shutdown and so on. I probably ruined it overclocking it so it’s my own fault if that is indeed what happened. Live and learn and always the hard way.:cool:


just because it’s branded as TDK doesn’t make it any different internally compared to a regular LTR-48246S besides the modified TDK firmware. buying that drive is pretty much exactly like buying another lite-on.


All I know is the TDK performs great, the Lite-On on the other hand, performed very poorly. Can anyone explain that?


Originally posted by REDKING

All I know is the TDK performs great
It really does !
My guess is that it’s apparently been tuned by TDK, I mean apart from the “face lift” & the modified FW.
But I’m afraid one cannot be certain about that until the drive’s inside examined.