CMC media

Well, whoop de doo. My dad’s just bought a 50 pack of cmc CD-Rs (because they were cheap). Well, over the years at various cd forums I’ve learned that CMC are utter crap. Just wondering if anything has changed.

Thanks in advance

I’ve got HP branded CMC magnetic’s and they work fine for me in my Pioneer DVR-107D.

I’ve had some decent HP CMCs too. Both 4x and 8x kind I tried were great after I changed strategies.

CMC DVD+R 4x media is dreck. The 2.4x stuff is decent. CMC CDs, though, are actually quite good.

Well, not all bad news then. So the CDs are good?

Here’s a scan from a CMC (KHypermedia branded) CD I burned on Thursday last week. 24x, CyberDrive DX082D. Not the finest CD ever burned but entirely adequate :slight_smile:

CMC makes fine CD-Rs.

I’d say CMC makes okay CD-Rs, not fine. There are few manufacturers/brands on CD-R market with a worse reputation than CMC. Your immediate results may seem great (depending on the burner), but how long those CD-Rs last is anyone’s guess. There have been reports of CMC media going unreadable in as little as six months, under normal storage conditions.

Just to add what Never_Again said…
I have Plextor PX-708A and the burning speed for CMC CD-R is 16x-24x, but even at these low speeds you would see appr. such C1 errors:
average: > 1 < 4
maximum: > 20 < 40
So, it’s not a okay CD-R, they are of mediocre quality…

CMC media will burn at 48x on my burners that are capable of it. I rarely burn at full speed because burns tend to be of higher quality at moderate speeds.

I agree that it isn’t the best media, but I fell into a spindle of it and I plan to use it up. I have Riteks and Taiyo Yudens for the stuff I really care about.

I have had no problems burning on CMC CD-R media, and the error rates look good right after burning – BUT, the CMC discs I have used have deteriorated much, much faster than any of my other discs, and many of my older CMC burns are unreadable now. Also note that CMC discs have much lower tolerances for heat and UV radiation than better manufactured discs, so adverse storage conditions (in car, sunlight, etc) will affect them faster and more viciously.

If you don’t care about data retention past a few months, go for CMC. If you want to archive your data for any longer, avoid CMC like the plague.


Does this that the CMC produced new TDK blue topped media is rubbish also?

Some of this new media is CMC made…


Chriso, I would burn the CMC at 32x max, and use it only for every-day stuff. It really depends on your burner, some like it better than others.

I just got a 50 pack of HP 52x (CR00032) and the ATIP lists them as CMC; I did notice in another thread that someone had commented that the HP branded discs were CMC’s A-grade as opposed to their common stock; had I a scanning-capable drive at the moment, I’d test for C1/C2 errors, but wondered if anyone had experience? In any event, my NEC 3500 will burn them at 32x max, as opposed to the drive’s 48x max (which is probably just as well, I would assume a lower error rate at that speed).

As to the DVD+R side, I’ve actually had great experience with 4x Memorex (CMC MAG F01) and the 8x Memorex (CMC MAG E01) as well with my NEC 2500 and 3500, burn quality and longevity when burned in those drives seems much better than when I burned using my previous LiteOn 411S. Really depends on your burner, I like them, but YMMV :slight_smile:

I just got a spindle of 100 TDKs from Ebuyer (UK) and they have Moser Baer dye. They’re new sky blue top design.

Initial impression is they’re pretty good.

I have used both the Office Max Value Disc 4x DVD-R (CMC MAG AF1) burned at 2x in my laptop Toshiba burner and the 4x DVD+R (CMC MAG F01) burned at 4x and 8x in my BENQ 1620pro burner FW B7T9. As stated above it really depends on your burner and FW.

You will definitely need the B7T9 FW for 8x burns with this media as the B7P9 will error out.

So far I have had great results using this media…as with any media there will be a few bad discs in the stack since that is what can happen when they are mass produced.


Hmm, seems they are using several different factories for production on these new discs.

I have some that state Mitsui dye, and some that state CMC dye, now this is the third Moser Baer dye.

The ones that state CMC are not very well manufactured, the top blue printed service is blotchy, and to me this is not good at all, very slapdash. The ones that state Mitsui dye are are of a better quality in looks, IE:- Printed as they should be and they just look and seem of a better quality product, I think you know what I mean it is a feeling you get when looking at a better produced product. Infact I have a spindle of 50 here that I do not even wnat to use becuase of this bad quality control.


CMC 16x DVD+R burned at 16x on benq1620a B7T9

@raygay, what brand are those CMCMAGM01 ?

no brand. silver top. bare, plain design.