CMC Media - Avoid like the plague?



Hmm. I read on Club Myce to avoid CMC Media like the plauge. I use religiously use CMC media all the time, and I have not had one coaster from a variety of discs, from Packard Bell to ASDA’s own brand other than user error which the computer :Z on.

Why is this? I’ve used them for years and even checking back, and they are even readable a few years later. :confused:


No idea, I don’t have any problems with them either!


I had some problems with [B]HP[/B] (cmc mag), some of them were not readable after the burn was finished.
But that doesn’t mean that all cmc media are bad, simply some burner can handle mediocre media better that others, plus cmc doesnt have the same standards for all their media, and that’s why cmc is not in the top of my list of when it come to dvd media.


The last stack of CMC media that I bought had some fairly horrendous error rates when the discs were tested in Plextools. I also had some CMC made TDK discs that gave me burning errors. Nowadays I stick to Taiyo Yuden for all my discs.