CMC Magnetics & Ritek conserve blue laser disc production

I just posted the article CMC Magnetics & Ritek conserve blue laser disc production.

While CMC Magnetics and Ritek may be the top two producers of optical discs in Taiwan, both are conserving the amount of investment into blank BD-R and HD DVD-R disc production according to this…

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translation: there’s no demand right now, hence no money to be made. These guys are businessmen, not “dreamers”. People just aren’t that excited over the format wars or the high player prices. Now maybe they get it? nah!

Ritek should just give up as their efforts for blank DVD media were the worst I’ve seen for a big manufacturer. CMC were kind of poop back in the CD-R days but they pretty much redeemed themselves for DVD. Apart from that I agree with the above poster

Actually Ritek DVD-R G04 was the best media for the price, its only the newer stuff that isn’t very good.

I love how they keep throwing HD DVD in there… it’s pretty funny considering that most companies have discontinued manufacturing HD DVD-R media until their existing stock sells (which is hard with no HD DVD-R burners!). BD-R and BD-RE media is actually selling right now (of course nowhere NEAR where DVDR is selling at), and production of it continues, albeit at a slower pace then it could be done at. The only HiDef recordable disc in greater demand then the supply right now is BD-RDL, which is still difficult to manufacture, but volumes are steadily increasing, and it’s likely supply will overtake demand in the next few months.

No HD DVD-R burners?! On the contrary… Here’s a cheap portable HD DVD burner and it burns pretty fast too. :wink: :B :d
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Awesome one, Gil :smiley:

Dolphin, care to elaborate? :wink: