CMC magnetics lifespan?

I have a movie collection that I recently backed up. I just checked with nero, and the blanks are manufactured by CMC magnetics. Should I be worried about them not lasting long? I would hate to lose them because it took me a long time and many cd-r’s to back them up.

I guess the question is: How many backups are we talking about here? I know that over the years it is quite possible to gather an enormous library. I can’t say for sure how long CMC Mag will last as their error rate scans can varry from one extreme to the other. If you were able to post some error rate scans we might be able to give you a clearer picture.


Hmmm, longevity, how long is a piece of string?

More to the point I feel is the question, is media produced by CMC for other companies such as TDK etc etc etc better quality than there own.

TDK at the moment are using three different manufacturers, Mitsui, Moser Baer and CMC.

The Mitsui ones at first glance look and feel really good, you now that feeling when you are holding what looks like a good product. Now on closer inspection some of these have silver flecs in them, I have no idea what these are, but they burn OK and look OK in Nero CD Speed, no errors shown in Data or Audio burns.

The top side of the Moser Baer and CMC ones is somewhat blotchy and not well finished at all. I wonder if TDK are aware of these issues I may drop them a mail.

I have had some CDRs rot away, these are not very old and are TYs :frowning:

Sorry to ramble on, but with no control over the media producers it seems we have to pay our money, and take a chance on what we feel is the better quality media.


I am using Staples brand and KHypermedia brand. I checked with nero and they are both CMC magnetics. The staples have a gold backing and the Kypermedia have a Silver backing. I have burned over 100 of them with my lite-on and have had not one coaster. IMO they are good quality, but I am worried about them going bad on me, as I have a very large collection. I guess I will have to read through the forum and figure out how to test for error rate scans so I can give you guys more information.