CMC Magnetics gets certification for 4x DVD-R DL discs

I just posted the article CMC Magnetics gets certification for 4x DVD-R DL discs.

Here’s some news from Taiwan courtesy of DigiTimes. It seems that CMC Magnetics who happens to be the top producer of discs in that area, has obtained certification for 4x DVD-R DL. They…

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Does CMC produce DVD+R DL as well? I’ve never seen any myself.

yes, they have obtained certification for 8x DVD+R DL from Philips recently

CMC DL+R dye is actually quite nice. Managed 90+ scans on their 2.4x media.

Good to hear. What burner did you use? Are these the full face printable DL discs sold under the Iomega brand?

At least CMC is better than Ritek. More diversity and competition is good for the market. Sadly, Verbatim will now cut costs by moving their Singapore DL production to Taiwan. :frowning: