CMC Magnetics expects Blu-ray and DVD recordable market to grow

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Recordable optical disc manufacturer CMC Magnetics is positive about the demand for recordable Blu-ray and DVD discs the coming five years. The company especially expects that the demand for archival grade DVD discs will increase.

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Huh, first I thought CMC want to sell more because MBI is out of business.

I´m interested in 200GB-optical media, if it is not to expensive. Hope it´s vailable for end-users, because sometimes it is not bad to store data on a WORM-media

What about HVD?

Their website is online.

For a bankrupt/liquidated defunct company, the old website is the least of their problems. Sometimes the website can live on for months or years after the original company has ceased operations, until it is finally taken down.

That is some excellent b.s. they’re shoveling.
Recordable optical discs are as interesting to most consumers as floppy disks these days.

Nobody in their right mind would buy CMC cheap crap willingly anyway. There about the worst quality you can get for blank media. Even their name is a knockoff of the trusty one “MCC” that Verbatim uses for some of their media

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At least priceworthy.

Additionally, CMC Magnetics’s DVD-RW media is more reflective than RITEK.
RITEK however has much more reliable DVD-RW’s if not the best.

At times I wonder whether CMC bought TY’s assets, just for the Taiyo Yuden brand name and very little else.

Basically the hi-tech equivalent of “putting lipstick on a pig”.

My last AM3 were better tan most other media you can get theses days

MBI is far away from this quality

The few CMC media I have bought without knowing under other brand names were not bad.

Only real bad CMC I get in the last years were my Philips-branded D03

Others were OK or better

Sound strange to me. I would think the market might stabilize, after all it has been going down for a long time. People do still use optical media and I think there will be a market for it.

Sure, but how big?

Maybe a new media-format with much capacity will be give a boost, but only if the prices are low

Just needs better marketing.

Even with all the marketing/propaganda and lobbying done for more than a decade, they were never able to convince Microsoft to write a default bluray playback program.

Hard to convince anybody to buy a computer bluray-r drive, if there’s no “free” software to play any bluray movie discs.

From an historical perspective, at times I wonder how many PS3 consoles were ever used to watch any bluray movie discs at all.

Sony want to see money and invest maybe more in the developing of copy protection than in the BluRay-format :\

PS3 were in the beginning the cheapest BD-player you can get, And no one cared about the power consumption of 180W :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my local friends who actually purchased a PS3, typically used it for playing video games either themselves or for their kids. They rarely ever used it for watching movies (if ever).

Same here, but at least in USA it was the best selled BD-player after launch.

I am a little late to this post, about 3 months late, but I can’t see too many people using recordable DVD’s, archival grade or not, simply because of costs reasons it’s far cheaper/more convenient to use hard drives for storage nowadays as say $30 max for 100 DVD recordable discs that’s 470GB AT BEST where as for $50 you can get a 2TB (2000MB) hard drive or for about $90-100 a 4TB etc. so it’s like for two 100pack DVD recordables you will be paying more than for a single 2TB hard drive and the hard drive will have more than twice the storage space and not to mention accessing the data is far faster to on the hard drive.

plus, I think archival grade media is a bit overkill considering your typical Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden should last at least decades given I have some over 10 years old and they are still going strong.

another factor to consider is how much longer will it be easy to obtain DVD drives that can read DVD recordable discs? ; like I would not expect it to be too much problem to find DVD drives say for another 10 years or so. but beyond this, who knows. so even if my current DVD recordable media is reliable for say 50 years, I can’t say I would expect to still have DVD drives around for use on a computer decades from now because even if we keep our current DVD drives and media and even assuming they work, who knows if they will still work on computers 20-30+ years from now etc.

still, for a small amount of higher importance stuff like family pictures/videos it’s nice to have a copy on DVD media as I tend to trust those more than hard drives for reliably retrieving the data. even though I do generally keep at least two copies of my higher importance data on two different hard drives at the minimum as I don’t really use DVD recordable stuff for anything outside of that higher important stuff as for everything else of some importance I just do the easy method of having the data on one hard drive and on another hard drive as this gives you a reasonable level of protection from data loss.