CMC Magnetics DVD-R

Writer: Plextor PX-712SA
Firmware: 1.09
Media: Philips DVD-R 16x
Burn Speed: 8x (max. Speed)
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2018
Scanned 2018

This cakebox is a good one

Intenso DVD-R printable 16x / CMC MAG. AM3
Manufactured 02/2017

Burned with LiteOn iHBS112 @16x

Intenso DVD-R print ihbs 16x scan BenQ erw2

Good one, to bad actual CMC have very vary quality

Memorex DVD-R 1x / CMC00RG200
Manufactured 04/2002

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @2x

Memorex 1x BDR 2x scan BenQ erw2

With BenQ and 2,4x = write error


If I look at the scan, it looks like the Benq have a general problem with this media. Or your Benq have some problems like one of mine.

Some old media are very hard to read at high speed (like PRINCO), but the PIF at the end is strange. Can you try a 16x-scan with a Lite?

Here are some TRTs. They can’t be read at high speeds.

This happens on some very old (1x-4x) and crappy media (TYG-/MCC-fakes). With some media MTK-based-drives, especially LiteOn, would use 6x CAV for scan if you set higher speed than 8x.

The Benq seems to have serious read problems or the FW forces to hard read on highest possible speed

Maybe they are not burned correctly with newer writers or the discs have degraded.
The BenQ aborted writing at ~35%
I will try a 1x burn soon with an old 4x writer, which should know this MID.

My experience is the Benq is with old media better than any other of my older writers, so I´m surprised about this write error. Plextor can also make good resullts wth some old discs, but with other it fails

Writer: TSSTcorp SH-S243D
Media: Staples DVD-R 16x
Recording speed: 8x
Manufacture Date: November 9th, 2017 (hub code MFP662VK092101804)

PIE is a bit high, but PIF nice. Disc should not make any problemes

Memorex DVD-R 1x / CMC00RG200
Manufactured 04/2002

Burned with NEC ND-1300A @2x

A part of the disc’s edge is cloudy, looks like degraded media

BENQ DVD DD DW1650 BCIC, 2,58 GB burned at 2,4x

sold as “Memorex DVD-R”

supplied by Vogelschreck

A different MID than my discs… that’s crazy

Do you have any Memorex DVD-Rs left? Maybe there are some CMC MAG. CO. media too.
And I do not think there are any maor differences between those two MIDs.

I have 2 left, but I will let them sealed until the next use.

Writer: LG GH22NS50
Firmware: TN03
Media: Philips DVD-R 16x Printable
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Imgburn
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

Writer: LG GHC0N
Firmware: MA01
Media: Philips DVD-R 16x Printable
MID: (CMC MAG. AM3) May 2016
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero CDSpeed
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

Good :slight_smile:

Writer: Pioneer DVR-S21WBK
Firmware: PR00
Media: Philips DVD-R 16x Printable
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019