CMC Magnetics CD-R on BENQ 1640



Hello, :slight_smile:

I would like to have some information on the quality of manufacture of a CD-R of mark DATAWRITE and over his lifespan. I sought a little everywhere on various forums but I do not have anything to find concerning these media. It is of CMC Magnetics of 700 MB, and I read that the majority of them are of bad quality. With these CD-R, I obtain an excellent quality on my burner BENQ 1640 and his firmware BSLB !

I would have to know your opinion and your experiment on these media. I places at the disposal a photograph of the box of these CD-R and a scan of a very recent burn.

Do I have to change CD-R to have lasted one of optimum life like CD-R VERBATIM or TAIYO YUDEN ??? Or are these CD-R equivalent in term of quality ???

I await your answers and your opinions. :bow:



I don’t think them as good media.
I use Verbatim for CD needs and I find them very good.


VERBATIM or TAIYO YUDEN are a much better quality than CMC MAG.,but your scan looks good, jitter is a bit too high. and welcome to forum :slight_smile:


I’ve never had a problem with the CMC CD-Rs I’ve used, although I haven’t used that particular brand. If it works for you, that’s all that matters, and the scan looks fine.


In fact Verbatims I use are from CMC.


So you don’t think that they are good, but you think that your Verbatims are very good, then you realize that your Verbatims are CMC? :stuck_out_tongue:


It is an easy mistake to make; half my Verbatims are also CMC. I have found CMC are decent media, based on burns with my Plextor Premium as well as quite a few other burners. They are nothing special and Ritek (just CDR, [I]Never[/I] DVD) and TY are worth more. CMC has take over so many brand names it is hard to avoid it. I try and keep the price paid under $14 or so per 100. Anything more and you can buy Ritek.


I said that because once that I bought DATAWRITE the burnings were not good at all but at that time I used my excellent 4163 and I have never looked media tag back then.
Verbatim’s are good in comparison with the DATAWRITE I owned but they also tend to have high jitter score even in 24x burning.
And from what I know jitter is toward a long last period.
Correct me chas00039.
I am looking to buy some TY now.