CMC Magnetics BD-R

Pretty good result for CMC on the 209 @ 6x.

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Yeah, even better than the Verbatims with same MID. I think the 209 can write this 10-12x (or 16x too? I’ve seen same crazy speeds somewhere with it), maybe I’ll try that too :thinking::upside_down_face:

CMCMAGBA5 is 12x speed max with the Pioneer, VERBATIMe is 16x (and SONY NN3 & RITEKBR4 which are basically unavailable).

good to know, thanks :wink: I think I have some SONY NN3 left, so I’ll try with those :slightly_smiling_face:

Burner: Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK
Firmware: 1.52
Media: Verbatim VBR130RP50V4 6x BD-R white inkjet hub printable (MIT)
Stamper Code: CMBR6DV5.3
Hub Serial: BRF602YB221012 93 7 LA R2
Burn Speed: 12x
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured February 22nd, 2020 by CMC Magnetics Corp.

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Verbatim 25GB 6x / CMCMAGBA5

Burned with Panasonic UJ-220 @2x

old slim type 2x writer with PATA interface from a Sony Vaio notebook
Firmware 1.05

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Nierle 25GB 6x / CMCMAGBA5

Burned with Panasonic UJ-220 @2x

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Both excellent results… Looks surprisingly like quite a good little drive.

Yes seems to be a good writer. But takes some time to finish… 2x is maximum speed.
Maybe the slow speed is the reason of the good results.

Not necessarily. I’ve had <2x writes where I didn’t disable write verify or streaming yet the results were still subpar.

I have 3 Panasonic Slim-SATA-drives which let me choose on most media 2x and 4x OR 6x

The results with some media is good but far away from your results.

I´m quite sure my Panasonics are made by QSI, but don´t know if your drive also is a QSI

I don’t know. It says ‘Made In Philippines’

My UJ273 is also made in Philippines, so it should be also a QSI.

It’s usually easiest to check the UL-file number to identify the manufacturer. UJ-273 was made by Panasonic itself:


E140407 can be searched in UL database :slight_smile:
I’m not a total freak, but I haven’t heard of any blu-ray drives made by QSI (neither slim nor 5,25").

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OK, thought Panasonic have stopped making optical drives long time ago.

And I have good experience with the reliability of Panasonic-products, but the drives in Panasonic DVD-Recorder (Standalone) were not very reliable.

My Pioneer or Sony DVD-recorders had much better drives IMHO

Intenso 25GB 4x / CMCMAGBA3

Burned with Panasonic UJ-220 @2x

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MediaRange 25GB 6x / CMCMAGBA5

Burned with LiteOn iHBS112 @4x

Writer: Pioneer BDR-212E
Firmware: 1.01
Media: Mediarange BD-R 25GB 6x
Burn Speed: 6x
Software: Nero 12
Burned 2021
Scanned 2021

I´m far away

Well, from my experience write speed above 4x are not recommended for CMC on 209, 211 & 212 series drives, although I think that scan would look a bit better at 4x test speed, 8x on LiteOns seems to give more errors.

Mostly I burn 4x on BA5, maybe next time again