CMC MAGE01 better than TYG01 (...?)

i’ve been trying to find a good brand to buy bulk dvdr to reburn all my aging cd collection. i’ve tried ty, ricoh, ritek, various cheap junk, but haven’t found anything i’m perfectly happy with to do the whole job yet. it will be a big job and i want to get it right, i’m starting to get impatient. and i’ve recently tried a tdk spindle which are CMC MAGE01 and are giving consistently good scans. meanwhile my TY -R’s from have been giving conistently poor scans in comparison.
i’ve read these forums and seen a lot of people panning these CMC MAGE01. i’m also wary of CMC because they were the manufacturer of some horrible “LASER” branded cdr which have given me a lot of trouble in the bad old days.
here is an example of my results…these are both burned at 4x with same firmware (SOHW-832S VS0G).
note that the CMC MAGE01 burn isn’t a fluke, they’re repeatably good. however, this particular TY scan is worse than usual…PIF are usually a lot lower, with average usually single figure - but the PI is consistently solid blue above 100. i’ve also tried some expensive TV +R (“That’s”) which scanned better than the jpldisplays discs, but not as good as these CMC MAGE01.
so my question is, what to do:
use these tdk spindles and trust the k-probe scans? or trust good brand reputation of ty? the tdk and ty spindles are similarly priced.
or, should i use neither and keep waiting/looking?

oh i also have another little question, sometimes when i get a near perfect scan in kprobe i still don’t get a perfect reading curve in nero CD/DVD speed. shouldn’t a good scan mean good reading curve? or is there something screwy with my drive?

What on earth is jpldisplay ?

jpldisplays = an online retailer selling TY’s in AU for cheap (OEM bulk). Well - i think the TY oughta do much much better - it’s a burner thing. Looking around, all the TY scans are better than yours - maybe try different firmware/ clear eeprom

OK thanks.

It would be helpful to have a link if people refer to a controversial reference.

I could be though that some Liteon do not like Taiyo Yudens. I think a search will giive some results in this direction.

Edit : the good news is that CMC AE1 cost less :wink:

well i have tried several different firmwares on burning those TY OEMs… the results were never that great. this here is probably the best scan i’ve ever got from them:

but what about my original questions…anyone?

My gut says fake TY.

agreed. I know i say cmc are good but they are not better then ty

hmm. the TY media from have been recommended by many australians on this forum. and i’ve never actually seen a post from someone complaining about the jpl TYs. seems it’s very hard to find good media in this country :frowning: i’m still yet to ever see a real TY T02 DVD+R, which seems to be favourite here

do you think the CMC MAGE01 scans are good enough to warrant buying a few hundred and doing this job?

What’s the serial from the hub of the disc?

here’s a nice scan from some1 who purchased TYG01 from JPLdisaplays too

“That’s” is Taiyo Yuden’s official brand, this would be a genuine disc. Where did you buy that from? i saw your scan of that disc which wasn’t so good either.

G’day all,

The TY’s from JPL Displays have been confirmed as genuine, so the discs are not at fault (assuming that they have no visible defects).

However, remember that LiteON and the “Dash” format usually don’t mix. Use the “Plus” format instead, and you can’t go far wrong with RICOHJPNR0x or CMC MAG E01 coded discs with the SOHW-832S.


I used TY02 plus on my Lite-On 811S and it was a rubbish burn. I used the same discs on my LG 4163B and its an awesome burn.

My Lite-On prefered MCC03.

Shows you why I have little faith in LiteON and Mediatek equipment.


If you are getting good results from CMC MAG E01 disks, then use them. CMC make decent enough disks most of the time. Certainly cheaper and easier to get then TY disks, and there have not been any real reports of longitivity problems with these disks.

I own 832S and use CG5E. TYG01, TYG02, T02 give me very very good results. They are from branded like Fuji, Maxell, Panasonic.

Yup, IMHO any burner that has issues with TY is not one to be trusted. IMHO Lite-Ons are only good for ripping and error-rate scans, definitely not as a burner.

Thats got to be the worse TY burn I have ever seen!!! There has to be something wrong. Maybe take a disk to another machine and see how it will burn the same media.

No, this is.

Lite-On 811S.

If you’re getting bad burns with TYG02 or YUDEN000T02-coded media, first make sure that you don’t have discs with a FAKED media code!

@Evolva: Please let us know what the serial number etched to your disc(s) reads. And also, remember that the LiteON LDW-x11S burners tend to produce error scans with MANY more errors compared to later drives.


Never had a problem with my Litey 832S with any of Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or (Japanese) Maxell -R media. (Contrary to popular belief, generally speaking Liteys do not have problems with quality -R media.) Make sure you’re not stuck with junk using fake TY media codes.