CMC Mag W02

maybe one of you here can help me out with a couple of questions:

  1. has anyone k-probed a CMC Mag W02? This disk is sold as a Memorex DVD+RW 4X. Could you please post the results?

  2. what is the best dvd+rw 2.4 or 4x media to use?



  1. My understanding is that this varies widely for a number of reasons, including the very program used to assess the quality of the media. My understanding is that these software report what the drive is saying, and does not, itself, judge the media.

I have been trying to get a better hold of the issues, myself. My gut feeling is that Taiyo Yuden is always among the very best, but this does not always bear out, as far as I can tell. As an example, the Ricoh G04 seems to work very well with the Pioneer 106, and is almost universally recommended as the media for that drive. I think that one of the online stores even says that it is the best for that drive.

What drive do you use?

i also use a pioneer 106d - and i use Ritec G04’s to write my final disks, however, my source dvd’s are the CMC Mag’s and i use them in a LiteOn Lvw-5001 DVD Recorder hooked up to my PVR. I use this setup to archive Simpsons, Futurarama and other TV shows that are hard to find on commerical DVD. I was just curious if there is a better RW i should be using as a master.

i have always herd good things about the TY media, do they make +RW and where can i find. I have searched around and have been unsuccessful.



The Ricoh +RW is about as good as it gets. Fuji will be consistantly Ricoh, possibly TDK and Maxell also. Memorex can be anything.