CMC Mag M01 support for NEC 3500?

Hi, I recently got a good deal on some Memorex branded 16x discs and it turns out that they are CMC Mag M01’s. I haven’t heard anything about this media…it may be trash (maybe that’s why it was such a good price). Anyway, I’m using Liggy/Dee’s 2.TG firmware and the max write speed listed for these discs is 12x. Does anyone know if there is a more recent firmware that supports writing at 16x since the discs themselves are rated at 16x? Thanks.

2.AD should support these at 16x!

isn’t that for a memorex burner? i have an NEC 3500

@ corona081,

Perchance if you are unaware Forum Member’s ScorpioSoft NEC DVD Burner Web page ( has of all the firmware for the NEC ND-3500.

Using MediaCodeSpeedEdit ( you can edit NEC firmware to change the write speed of DVD media. The following Forum posting describes the features of the utility program (

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bjkg, thanks a lot for your reply. that should really help.

The firmware that I linked is for a Memorex drive that uses NEC 3500A hardware.
It has official 16x support for CMCMAGM01 media.
You can flash the firmware onto your drive using Binflash.