Cmc mag m01 quality issue

Can’t get these disc to burn well in any of my drives above 6x. On most of my drives when the burn gets higher than 8x the POE and POF skyrocket. On some of my other drives it only skyrockets at the end of the burn approaching 16x. These are TDK branded discs bought at Officemax on sale. I suppose now I know why they may have been blowing these out. Possibly a bad batch? Anyone else having issue with these discs? I suppose I’ll just burn them at 6x and be done with it :slight_smile:
Regards, Estranged

In my personal experience, they’re variable. Some burn kind of OK, some like complete crap. To get anywhere near a decent burn on most of my burners, I have to lower the speed to 8x (never tried 6x).

I find the -Rs (CMC MAG AM3) to be a bit better. :slight_smile:

Please excuse my typo : POE and POE = PIE and PIF. Thanks Regards, Estranged

Thanks Arachne, this is starting to be my experience as well. I will lower the burn speed on this batch and suck-it-up :slight_smile: However my sh-s182m will burn cmc mag am3 very well at 16x and mcc 004 burns well in all my drives. Sure do take a chance on these unknown media purchases on sale etc. I think I will try to catch the Verbatim mcc004 on sale as I did last time and stocked up on 200 of them. Thanks again! Regards, Estranged

Hehe, I think I ended up ditching the remainder of the TDK M01s I had (about 30…I can’t believe I bought 100, live and learn!)…still have a few Infiniti Printable M01s left :eek:

Ditto. I have about 30 blanks left from a TDK 50pc spindle that I just cannot find a use for. I don’t have anyone I hate enough to unload them onto, either. Gotta say the gray-top finish looks nice, though.

Yes…tropic, I have to agree. I scanned my 4, 6 and 8x burns. They are crap too :frowning: I though by lower the speed the burn would be better. As soon as the burn hits the 1GB mark the PIE spike and continue to grow to the end of the disc. This is usually the spot where the burner will go from 6 to 8x. So I thought lower the burn speed to 4 and 6x would help? Even burning at 4 and 6x results are the same. I did do a burn on my DWG-120A that revealed a good burn until the end at 16x. I will try to use this crap media on that drive at a lower speed and see what gives. Otherwise, I like use guys have no use for this crap media and don’t have the heart to push it on someone else :slight_smile: This media is just crap anyway you burn it. On most burns the PIE ends up in the 1000 range. Although the PIF stays within “acceptable” range in the 20’s. Although they seem to playback ok in each of my standalone burner. I suspect over time they may not age well as the PIE is well above 300 on all burns. And yes they do look real nice and take a black sharpie well. All look and crap quality apparently. Regads, Estranged

That was another reason why I ditched the remaining TDKs - over here, we don’t get the nice grey top that you guys get (although it was a nice greyish top for the 8x’s) - the 16x TDKs over here are a really garish bright blue, which you can’t see a black Sharpie on for love nor money.

So mine looked and burned crap. :doh:

Yep and Mine, at least the TDk 003’s i had gave slightly better results (still looked awful though!

Ive hated M01’s for a while now, i just cannot get a good result, no matter what brand or burner i have used

Speaking of the M01s:

My Maxell-branded ones burn pretty well on my 18x LG SATA burner, but I had to use an 8x speed on my 16x Lite-On IDE burner in order for the quality scan results to even be ‘acceptable.’

As for my particular TDK-branded 16x DVD+Rs, they are not CMC MAG M01s; instead, they are RITEK R05s. My LG burner, however, does not allow burning on the R05s any faster than 12x speed.

Personally, I’ve hated CMC MAG M01 for a while now aswell. I’m sure the stability is good, but the variability is extremely massive, like a big gaping casm in a glacier :eek:

LOL, you hit the nail right on the head there. I bet stability is good, too. :wink:

Yeah I suppose but actually I’ve contacted TDK regarding the POE quality. My burns seem to playback well in my standalone players with POE from 300 to 600. However my concern is how they may playback as they age. I’ve had a number of experiences with Ritek media where the POE was high at initial burn and then become POF after some time and unplayable. At this point I’d like TDK to either refund me the purchase price or replace the media with a different MID. Regards, Estranged

PIE And PIF!!!

No need to shout. :disagree:

Sorry rakter, my continued typo. I tried to edit it but I can’t edit beyond 30min after post. I also figured why post a reply to my post with a correction for the second time? As you see in my earlier post. I do know the correct verbiage. But for some reason keep typing it wrong. I suspect due to the key location (I right next to th O). I think most know what I meant…especially if they took the time to browse the entire thread. But…here I am posting a reply to your shouting of the correction. I suppose we can leave this thread alone as there will be nothing more worthwhile? Again my apology…Regards, Estranged

Oh Noooooo :eek: I just ordered 100 HP printable discs and I believe they will be
the CMC Mag M01’s maybe I’ve just wasted my money buying these.:sad:
I guess I’ll find out in a day or two when they get here whether they will be any
good or not. :confused:

Actually, HP-branded M01’s can be pretty nice. You might be pleasantly surprised.

My HP branded M01s have been perfecly serviceable. Nothing to write home about, but certainly not landfill material or even worrying. They are just fine.

Due to my continued excellent experience with HP branded CMC (E01 & AE1) blank, I’m not surprised… :slight_smile:

My next try will be some 16X HP, but I’ll go for the AM3, if I can get prettier PIE/PIF scans for the same price and usability I’m all for it… :bigsmile: (or I wouldn’t be a CDFreak :wink: )