Cmc Mag E01!

I’ve got about 18 LG CMC MAG E01 8X DVD+R disks that I burnt with my old Asus 1608P “Pio 109” @12X , nero gave me the option to burn @12X and I used it , now I have Asus 1608P2S “Pio 110” and all of the 18 disks have bad blocks , I know that it was wrong to burn at higher speed but I thought the media was good , now how could I restore data from these bad disks ?
What software could be used for this task? , a good one please .
Also I am gonna use Sony DVD+R 8X media , is it good ?

Sounds like a bussiness opportunity, “Optical data recovery” :slight_smile:

Well first thing to try is to copy the disc to the HDD via drag and drop. Secondly if its a movie you can try a ripper that has ‘retries’ enabled so that it will continuously scan over that bad sector and try to read it. Thirdly, burners vary with reading capabilities (ECC), so if the data is very dear to you, get an additional burner. Its hard to say which is the best at recovering bad sectors, if you want you can read the optical drives reviewed at they have some advanced reading tests.

Use a tool like Nero Drivespeed, select a slow read speed for DVD and then try to copy the content by using a dvd burner back to the hdd.