Cmc Mag E01

I just picked up a spindle of 50 DVD+R TDK with MID CMC MAG E01 for AUD$44.80 (25% off special). Has anyone had any positive experiences with these media? I’ve never used CMC DVD media before, so I wouldn’t have a clue as to its longevity etc.

----------------------------------* ----------------------------------*
Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:CMC MAG-E01-000]
----------------------------------* ----------------------------------*
Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [CMC Magnetics Corp]
Manufacturer ID : [CMC MAG]
Media Type ID : [E01]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [Not Supported By Method 2]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
[Method 2 Might Not Always Detect All Speeds]
----------------------------------* ----------------------------------*
[ DVD Identifier - ]
----------------------------------* -----------------------------------

CMC media has a reputation for being very variable in quality, but the TDK-branded ones seem to have garnered quite a good reputation. They work great in my experience.

It depends on the quality of the spindle you have, the burner and write strategy it uses. I’ve seen some people burn the CMC MAG E01 well on the Plextor 716a, and have good results on other burners, too. However, in my experience, they were not good on my Pioneer DVR-108.

To try to ‘help things,’ don’t burn it faster than its rated speed. My Pioneer tried to burn it faster than that, and I remember the scan looked really bad once it pushed it past 8x. Start with that, test the burn using CDSpeed or DVDInfoPro, and then you’ll have a better idea of how good they are for you. Be sure to run a sum8 or burst scan, PIF (sum1), and beta/jitter scan. If you can use either of the two programs with your burner (especially CDSpeed), it will put the sum8 (PIE), sum 1 (PIF) and jitter scan together on one graph for you. :bigsmile:

Best wishes for great burns! :iagree:

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try this link. This person burns most mids around:

click on the links and this will give you ideas on burns done with this mid. Also check Zevia’s other burns with other burners that may include this E01 mid. :wink:

Thanks for all the replies. I did a transfer speed scan under CDSpeed and results are pretty good. I just wanted to assure myself that I didn’t get jibbed with dodgy media!

Thanks again!

i have had nothing but bad exprinces most of the time with the e01’s, but some people have had good results with same burners as me with differnt e01,

so maybe u got lucky

i dont like to gamble with my media