CMC Mag E01 or Ricohjpnr02 for 1620pro?

Trying to decide between two great deals on the above media – have scoured through the media scans thread and now my head is spinning… so i’d be eternally grateful if someone could tell me which in their opinion is the better quality media? Apparently the ricoh ones are gold in colour.

In the long run since CMC Magnetic’s media can be a little bit dodgy in quality from time to time I’d recommend sticking with the RicohJPNR02’s. CMC Mag F01’s have done well for me in both the 2500A and the BenQ, however, I make sure to order the Philip’s discs for these since they seem to be grade A. Not sure what brand your E01’s are you are looking at.

The E01s are branded as CYQVE on an auction website here in NZ. The trader has over 1,000 positive feedbacks about the same product so they seem to be okay - but does the brand actually make any difference? Isn’t it about the manufacturer and the manufacturer code?

Have you had experience with RicohJPNR02’s yourself? Would you rate them as a good quality product?

I would ;). Use them on a Lite-On right now, they are very good discs, definitely better than the CMC branded ones.

Between R02 and E01, I will choose R02 since it can be burn upto 16x compare to E01 @8x only. About the result, it really depends on your burner and media (practically disk by disk).

My Benq don’t seem to handle RICOHJPNR02 (R01 is way better) too well, don’t have experience with CMC Mag E01 though.

I have both media and iwould choose ricohjpnr02 everytime on my 1620’s especially the ricoh branded gold disc’s