CMC MAG E01 and 1633s




I have a Lite-On SOHW 1633s with BS0S firmware. I bought a 30x spindle of memorex 8x DVD+R at wal-mart yesterday. As I suspected from the packaging (“Made in Taiwan”), they are kind of an iffy media code: CMC MAG E01. I read in one of the Lite-On stickies that these discs can “work well at 8x” with the help of “strategy switches.” I’ve done some searching and reading at the forums here but I haven’t been able to determine what exactly I should do to accomplish this.

Can someone explain it to me, or at least point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance.


I burn Infiniti 8x CMC MAG E01 at 8x with 1633S BS41 stock and 1653S CS09 stock.

Use CD-DVD speed and create datadisk. After burn scan in CD-DVD Speed and use the result to decide if you need strategy change with Omnipatcher.

First 1633S BS41
Second 1653S CS09


@ grandpacat
Welcome :). I am glad to see you took the time to do a little research before posting. Yes CMC MAG E01 media had been known to be variable. I would first recommend that you try a few burns with the BS0S firmware…maybe you have some good E01’s and your drive may love them as is. You can check your results with Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans, scanned at 4x scan speed(the forum standard for comparison). After the scan(about 14 minutes) select the diskette icon on the toolbar before ejecting disc, and save as a .png file. Attach to a post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean.


its been noted well that cmc mag 4x media was second rate. its seems that the 8x media is reviewing very well. kprobes look good on the 8x +r, and i see less and less complaining about this media.


thanks for the replies guys.

I have found that the E01 to JPNR01 strat works great (see attachment). I’ve burned 3 or 4 of them and they are all scanning very nicely.


The results for the 1653S CS09 look great. Is it possible to flash the 1633s to CS09 f/w (which I’ve noticed is for the 1653s) without complications?


Yes, mine is original a 1213S flashed to 1633S and latest 1653S.

Link to Codeguys

When you flash your drive with modified firmware, you will loose warranty.

The KProbe actually show the disk media code as RICOHJPNR01 and not CMC MAG E01.

You can change the writestrategy, but not the media code.


whoops… must be the wrong scan. here’s one I just did. similar result.


That’s a great result. :slight_smile:

1/ What was the burn speed?
2/ What was it like with the stock strategy?
3/ Can you show us a scan of the stock strategy burn?




I have 1633S[BS41] and with CMC E01 i have about 70 PIF :frowning:
Do you tell me to switch to RICOHJPNR01 strat?


I’m having the same problem with my 1653S and Cyq’ve CMCMAGE01. Try switching it to the F01/01 strategy and see how that works. Tried one burn last night with BS0S and it came out pretty good. :wink:

Thanks to Deep for showing me this swap, using 832S firmware.


Ok, F01/01 will be my next test :wink:
Why do you use BS0S firm? Do you think is better than BS41?


It’s newer than BS41 and as I don’t use much -R media or DL media, it seemed like the right choice. I just wanted to see if my E01 discs burned better with 1633S firmware than the 1653S firmware. They didn’t :(.


CMC MAG E01 @8x with CMC MAG F01 Strategy:


This is a 4x writed media, with original strategy:

I’m thinking it’s my spindle of Nierle’s Reprinted 8x is damaged because the damage is “localized” near the end of disc(s) :a :frowning: :sad:

In my mext test, i post a CMC MAG E01 8x with RICOHJPNR02 Strategy, but i don’t think i can write well this media :frowning:


This is a CMC MAG E01 burned @8x with RICOHJPNR02 strategy.
I’m thinking this is my best result with this media, even if i don’t like it :frowning:

A stand-alone DVD Player will be freeze at 100% :a :a :a

Have you another strategy? :confused:


I bet you were pretty excited up to the 4GB point on that last scan.

CMCMAGE01 seems to be so variable it’s not funny. I have Imation and Cyq’ve E01 and they are totally different. It was the Imation that burned with the F01/01 strategy. Tonight I tried the Cyq’ve and got a terrible result. I’m just trying another one now, after a reset learn…


codeking i found that at least on the hp branded cmc mag e01 that the
prodisk r03 strat works real good.on an interesting side note the prodisk strat works wonders on cmc mag f01/000 also.bs41 seemms to work best on my burner.reset learnt media.


Thanks. I’ll give the prodisc r03 strategy and BS41 a try. :slight_smile:

FYI, the Cyq’ve E01 does not like the F01/01 strategy even with a reset learn…


look in the strat swap link to see my prodisk change for cmc
magf01/000 :iagree: