Cmc Mag E01 @ 16x?

Just saw a sales website claiming that their Infiniti CMC MAG E01 +R 8X could be burned at 16X if using a BenQ1620!!

Is that possible? In case, what firmware and strategy to use?


CMC MAG E01 is OK media, not high quality.
I suggest you stay max rate 8X, or even drop to 6X

The official support for E01 is max 8x for T9 firmware. As far as I remember, U9 doesn’t do better.

Having some Teon branded E01, I tried to use CMC MAG M01 strategy to overspeed it. My conclusion was… stay with 8x, which gives me acceptably good results.

Thanks. Yet another sales website giving wrong info then :frowning:


I have been burning MAG E01 @ 16x since the media edit tool was available, I am getting quality scores >97 I have not tried it with the WOPC disabled and the burn times are about 6min 30secs

@elfdood - You managed to find a strategy for MAG E01 that produces better results than the awful default one? Which one?

I changed it to the CMC MAG M01, I tried to burn a disc with WOPC disabled and got a Coaster, but with WOPC enabled I am very happy :smiley:

A “good” E01 is worth trying at higher speed. I think the M01 strategy works fine in general. Just… my E01 fail to manage it’s PIEs and PIFs at the end of the disc @ 12x and 16x.

FYI, I also tried TY T02 strategy for it. The result was almost the same as the original E01 strategy. Hmm… someone may have a better luck with the T02 strategy.