CMC MAG E01 @ 12x?



Can anyone who has a 1673S @ 1693S KS09 tell me if they can burn CMC MAG E01’s @ 12x better than my NEC 3540 with W4 firmware? Perhaps with a strat swap?

See here for scans

If not I will continue burning them on the NEC. I am asking because it saves me wasting any media trying :wink:


As you probably know, CMCMAGE01 only burns at 8x in the 1693S. I don’t recall seeing any attempts to burn them using another strategy at 12x yet.

I’ll try CMCMAGM01 at 12x for you :wink:


Check out this post I just made in the strategy changing thread:

Way to go LiteOn :smiley:


cmc e01’s hardly burn good at 8x, 12x i bet is instant coasters :wink:

cmc needs to get there act toghter, its hit or miss with them lately


DVD burning is like a box of chocolates…


ya never know what ya gonna get


CMC E01 burned at 12x in my NEC 3500: (it’ll do this all day long on several different batches of E01)


Yeah I’d rather stick to reliable burns. I did the E01 to M01 swap and burned at 12x on a 1673S @ 1693S and got this.


i gotta go buy a bunch of media its one sale everywhere this week, and if i get and cmc e01’s again i will have to test them, but in the past all the ones i got seemed to be crap

hp puprle topped media