CMC.MAG.D02 on DH-20A4H



Hi everybody,
I’m currently looking to buy a new burner. I have a bulk of crappy Philips DVD+R DL (CMC.MAG.D02), once bought incautiously in Futureshop/BB. It makes sense to me, since I’m looking for a new device anyway, to buy a device, that can at least do something with this media.
From this forum I found out that Pioneer 115D can handle it. I would get it, except that I want Lightscribe device. I read that LG H20L had some success with these discs. But I need IDE device, because my Asus P4PE only supports HD SATA.
Somebody on the forum mentioned, that he burnt this media successfully with Lite-On A4P. There were no scans, but it gave me some hope.
So, the question is, did anybody try to burn CMC.MAG.D02 with 20A4H, which is IDE, LS and a relative of A4P, I believe? It’s my only hope now or, otherwise, I’ll go with the Pioneer.
Many thanks in advance.:slight_smile: