Cmc Mag. Af1

Does CMC MAG. AF1 DVD-R 4x burn well in any drive?

I’ve tried it in a NEC-2510, Pioneer 108, Lite-On 811S and the LG 4163B and none of them burn it well.

Just to add, they are PioData discs.

Then i’d have to say get some different media :slight_smile:

I have got different media now, but I bought loads of this before I realised it was sh*t.

Unlucky is all i can say but atleast you’ve learnt your lesson about crap media, it could have been worse.

Burns fine for me in my NEC 2500, using Herrie’s FW 1.07v2b5 (yes you can use this on your 2510 as well).

Do you have a link as that firmware isn’t on

It burns ok in my 3500 (not good, just ok) but it is still crap media. My other two burners wont even touch it.