Cmc Mag. Ae1

i bought some HP 8x DVD-R that went on sale here. made a point of looking for a CMC-style cakebox. the media turned out to be CMC MAG. AE1.

what’s this stuff like ? any good ? stable ?
(i’m not very experienced with non-Verbatim CMC stuff)

here’s a few screenshots burned on LG GSA-H10L LL11.
1st burned at 8x, next 2 burned at 4x.
looks like the media doesn’t handle the Z-CLV speed change very well.
but the 4x scans look quite decent, i think.
(yeah, burned on GSA H10L, scanned on BenQ, not a good combination i know…)

Considering the BenQness of the scans I think they’re ok. PIE may be a little bit elevated but nevertheless the PIF are ok.

well by my standards these scans are very good.
(i don’t know if i keep getting bum drives or bum media).
here’s a CDSpeed test disc i made from the first disc in the spindle.
and the 2nd pic is another one i made just now, when looking for the 1st one. even worse.
so compared to these 2, the scans in my first post are much better. PIF at least.

“BenQness” :bigsmile:

HP CMC MAG. is pretty good stability wise, although my scans aren’t anything special for my burners.

Not bad at all :slight_smile:

Your LG is butchering them at 8x, although the 4x burns look good (high jitter can be a factor in exaggerating error levels though and appears to be partly to blame here). Any reason why you haven’t burned any in the Benq, or have you already? They burn well in my drives, Benq 1640 among them.

Haha, I missed the jitter. :eek:

Be interesting to see some 1620 burns though, now it’s been suggested :wink:

funny thing, i tried to make a CDSpeed Test Disc @ 4x, and it does it at 4x. three tries actually, it insists on doing 8x and the results are miserable. all of them worse than the 1st scan in post #3.

i only use the BenQ for scanning. maybe i’ll try see how it does this media.

The latest version of CD-DVD Speed actually ignores any speed I set in Create Disc for both my LGs :wink:

The 1620 is a very good burner, might as well use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of the Z-CLV: My LiteOn scans show a slight increase in jitter with most of the 8x LG GSA-H10N burns where the speed switch to 8x burn speed happens. A step is visible but the difference is rather small, like in this following scan.
It could be that the BenQ is very sensitive to this sudden jitter change, but this must be further investigated, as (IIRC) BenQ and LiteOn measure different types/classes of jitter…

However, I prefer CAV/P-CAV write strategies. May be just personal preference but I trust my LG at 4x, 12x and 16x DVD burning more, and trust my Litey more at CD burning and 8x DVD burning.

I bet you’d find a more significant jump in jitter when measuring with DVDScan, for what that’s worth. I’ve found some cases where the Benq will show a sharper increase in jitter, but I’ve actually seen a greater shift in my Liteon more often than the Benq. Scanning behavior with the P6S Liteons seems a little bit different than the H6S Liteons as well, so that could be a factor (I have a P6S drive). I’m sure it depends on what the discs were burned in as well, as I know that Benqs don’t ‘like’ the speed shifts from that particular LG drive.

in post #7 i wrote a typo, i had meant it does the CDSpeed Create Test Disc @ 8x even if i choose 4x.

thanks for the tip. i didn’t notice that before. i think in past versions of CDSpeed the speed selection worked fine! (i guess i haven’t burned many CDSpeed Test Discs with the latest version)

it seems there’s problems with my BenQ :eek:
i’ve had transfer rate issues with it before, burst rate test giving too low results and 16x TRTs coming out bad.
either my drive is malfunctioning or not liking being on a IDE/RAID PCI card.

here’s what happened when i tried to make a test disc with the BenQ.

i guess i’ll stick with using it just for testing in the meanwhile.

on the upside, another verification (if needed) that the BenQ will not report more than 1664 PIFs as per standards :smiley:

i think i should look up a topic of “my worst scans ever”, there is one isn’t there ?

Yep. You may have to search hard for it though, haven’t seen it for awhile :wink:

Well, that didn’t go very well… :stuck_out_tongue: Looking at the buffer and amount of burn speed dips, something seems wrong with the how the drive’s set up. Either that or it simply has no clue how to burn CMC AE1 - back to 4x on the LG I guess :smiley: .

Sorry, but my 1640 does report higher than 1664 PIFs. Check out the Hall of Shame thread in the BenQ forum.

I bought a heap of LG branded discs thinking they were LGE08’s. They turned out to be CMC MAG.AE1’s. I was a bit dissapointed at first as I had heard all the negative press on them. However I must say they have burnt very well. I have yet to have a problem with them and have burnt a couple of spindles of giveaway promo discs and I have yet to have someone say they have had problems trying to play them back.
So all in all they make a very good second tier disc. I would assume that LG get good quality discs from CMC, similar to HP.

@Qyngali: my bad.


  1. installed a BenQ DW1640.

here’s 2 scans of this HP CMC MAG AE1 media, same disc, scanned @8x on the two BenQs. first the 1620, then the 1640.
interesting how the 1640 reports lower error rates, lower jitter than the 1620.

the BenQ 1640 is slave to my LG GSA-H10L on the secondary IDE channel of the motherboard controller.
the BenQ 1620 is a slave to a Toshiba DVD-ROM on a Siig RAID IDE card.
unfortunetely i don’t have the time to start playing around with this too much. would’ve been interesting to see what happens if i put the 1620 on the mobo’s controller, to rule out any possible influence from that and to make the comparison between the two BenQs as accurate as possible. alas, i don’t have the time for this.

a joyous sidenote:
it seems that now, scanning with my new BenQ 1640, i have a chance of getting nice scans like i see posted on these forums all the time. :slight_smile: so far all my scans have been less than stellar. including good media: Verbatim, TY T02.

update 2:
using CDSpeed 4.60 i was able to burn a test disc @ 4x. pics below.

  1. create disc screenshot.
  2. TRT on the GSA-H10L. perfect! :slight_smile:
  3. DQS on BenQ 1620 @ 8x
  4. DQS on BenQ 1620 @ 16x
  5. DQS on BenQ 1640 @ 8x
  6. DQS on BenQ 1640 @ 16x
    again the BenQ 1640 reports much nicer scans than the 1620.

i think the 1640 8x scan of this 4x burn is not bad at all, what do you think ?
remember, this is a BenQ scan of a LG GSA-H10L - not considered a good combination.