CMC MAG AE1 Write strategy on 811

Hi to all!
I’ve a Liteon 811 and Memorex DVD-R 8X with Media code CMC MAG AE1
Can somebody tell me a good write strategy for this media on my burner, if somebody has tested it?? :slight_smile:
Thank u all!

oh sorry! I forgot to say (but I think u all know it) that that media code wasn’t on my firmware (HS0Q) so I added it with MediaCode SpeedEdit and selected 4X write (the speed I want to record.

Might be worth trying the CMC MAG. AF1 and TYG02 strategies.

I’ve tried CMC MAG. AF1 strategy and seems all ok…
burn ok, all DVD readed ok, I haven’t tested Kprobe but I don’t care, I had bad results with 4X also.
Here’s the scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed, same that I had with 4X, the only thing I don’t like it’s that little down Spike at the end, seems nothing but I’ve done the test for all my burned 4X and never had a down spike at the end…
However thank u Codeking :slight_smile: your help is much appreciated

I woundn’t be too worried about that. It looks very good. Scan it again just is case. Sometimes a little spike like that can be cause by something happening in your system. :wink:

BTW, did you know your 811 can be made to read at 8x by using the OmniPatcher to patch HS0Q for increased reading speed. Might save you some time. :wink:

I just updated my firmware on my Liteon LDW811s to HSOR and i am getting terrible scans on kprobe. I am posting a before and after scan. They are not of the same movie but they are with the same burner and speed. Is it possible to go back to an earlier firmware safely.

Your not the first one to experience this. HS0K was actually the best firmware for 811S, well, at least it was for burning Ricoh R01. Can’t say what it’s like with CMC MAG AW1.

Yes you can flash back. You will need to use the firmware on my site. Just follow the link in my signature to the firmware page and under the 811S heading you will find HS0K/HS0P/HS0Q/HS0R - patched - faster DVD R/RW reading. As you can see it’s already patched for the faster read. :wink:

I am just a little confused. I downloaded the patched firmware and I got several different versions at once. Do I just double click on the one that says HSOK.EXE?

Thanks For the Help

Yes, that’s right.

Using the latest RAR solid compression, putting all of the firmwares into one file adds little to it’s size, which cuts down on the number of links we have to have on our site. :slight_smile: