CMC MAG AE1 - There are two very different types

There are two types of CMC MAG AE1 disks that you will find, and not only on the Titaniums. This applies to all and any brand of media using the CMC MAG AE1 dye. On the recording side, check out what is written on the blue ring near the centre hub.

The best, and absolutely excellent CMC MAG AE1 media have just a four digit serial/batch number, such as “0405”
Nothing alse is written on that blue ring.
The MID code for this type is:

00000000 00 AA 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 55 0D 0E …@…R…U
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 45 31 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 11 AE1…

The other CMC MAG AE1 disks, and only just average quality, have a string such as “CMDR4.7G-CAEWM03-036 0202”
The MID code for these:

00000000 00 AA 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 54 0D 0E …@…R…T
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 45 31 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 11 AE1…

Notice the only difference in the MID is what I have highlighted in red. These two types are as different as chalk and cheese for burning quality.

If you can get the first type above, then go for it. The second type are nowhere near as good.

Any brand can be either type. I’ve seen Ridisc printable, Ridata, Datasafe printable, Datawrite yellow, Titanium grey, Titanium printable, Titanium full face printable, Titanium silver printables and Tufdisk all with both codes. Even two tubs of the same brand delivered at the same time had one tub of each type.
I think the two types come out of different factories, and are simply supplied equally to any company who orders CMC MAG AE1. It’s just pot luck which you get.

Thanks for the heads up. I have always avoided CMC; this adds one more reason.

I have also notice such things on Datawrite grey (fujifilm 03) because one batch give me better results than an other.

this is from some Datasafe 8x pintable CMC MAG AE1, long code on blue ring

Complete Media Code
00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 35 0D 0E .l…@…R…5…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 …CMC MA…G.
00000020 41 45 31 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 11 AE1…

now we have 3 different types (these are very good by the way)

What do you mean with types.
Really this is much more tricky as most folks think over here.

What are you seeing can be cause by a minor variation in the stamper a long with a drive reacting on that difference. Infact it can happen that a different drive will think that both disc’s have the same code.
Remember the incident for some drives on TDK media were the code changes.
That’s the same.

Now does this lead to different quality as you suggest. Well that’s going to be a very long disccussion.So for now I gave you just the quick answer:
Possible but it doesn’t have to be.

Meh, my TYG02 are like that, must have been made at the end of a stamper’s life, or maybe some suboptimal dye.

Not very consistant PIE, but still good burns with very low PIE error counts (PIF totals < 200).

I think there is such a thing as overanaylsis with disk quality, and that will all the variables that go into burning a disk, we cdfreaks sometimes have expectations that are somewhat unreasonable to be affordably met.

Demanding that every disk produced results in < 10 PIE (per 8 ECC blocks) and only 100 PIF total, while it would be nice, is really just a pipe dream.

Of course, things like fakes and truely poorly made disks, as well as less the A grade disks should be avoided and stamped out like the plauge they are, but resorting to measuring the differences between every spool of CMC disks and attempting to advise what spools to get is probably taking it a bit too far.

there are two types of datawrite grey afaik new ones have fuji dye although i may have that mixed up! Still all good tho! How to notice the difference in packets is the holder ring on the spindle! the new ones have a white ring while the older ones have a plastic ring.

Never mentioned MID differences between CMC MAG AE1 media.
That was my big mistake,because newest batches of Philips media were really bad .People take care about that .CMC :a again!

My 8X Philips has CMDR4.7G-CAEWM03-036 0202 serial code, mediocre at best, burnt on BenQ 1620 with B7V9 FW at 12X but the burner slows down occasionally in the middle, the PI average is 140, but the PIF is low and quality score is 95

Well just by looking at the mid codes (those numbers are often different after the ids due to different batches). that the U is newer batch…so it is probably better (or could be worse). It is nothing new even with Yudens I have seen this. And CMC F01s sold by HP are some of the best dvds I have ever owned, so they are not all bad.

the new batch of cmc mag ae1 datawrite titaniums i have is definately quiet a lot worse quality wise than my older ones. think i wont be buying anymore.

Well SVP are mainly E-Net

They’ve added a bundle deal today dealing with 2x DVD-R and Datawrite Titanium … The same offer E-Net are doing (I get the E-Net mailshot)

I think it’s like that anyway :S

@Johntea, if you mean SVP are part of another company/group, I think you’ll find SVP is a privately owned independant company, based in Torquay, Devon, England.

Don’t forget, many retailers/etailers can offer the same deal because they get the deal offered to them by the distributors.

Apart from that, I’m not sure why SVP have been brought into this discussion. It is a retailer, not a manufacturer, so it doesn’t really fit in here.

I have the “55” MID CMC MAG AE1:

00000000 00 [B][U]6C[/U][/B] 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 [B]55[/B] 0D 0E .l...@....R..U..
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 43 4D 43 20 4D 41 00 04 47 2E 20 .....CMC MA..G. 
00000020 41 45 31 00 05 [B][U]88[/U][/B] [B][U]80[/U][/B] 00 00 00 02 00 06 09 0D 11 AE1.............

but a bunch more than four characters printed on the inner ring:

CMDR47G-CAEWMOH-027    0602

These are the $24/100ct Linkyo 8x DVD-R discs from “super” media [scam] store.

  • I’ve highlighted the other differences in Indigo

I’m hoping the new features of the Plextor 760 drive will solve this close-MID issues with user-custom Strategy profiles :wink:

I’m using both a Plextor 716UF and Plextor 708A now.

Write strategy creation

This function offers to create a new write strategy for your blank media. The drive will create a new write strategy in the AUTOSTRATEGY database without recording a disc. It is possible to create several write strategies for the same media, which can be useful if there is a quality difference among media with the same MID code.

The Plextor 716UF ‘media quality check’ judges this media ‘good’ for 8x writing.

I’m not buying this theory. :disagree:

I’ve got CMC AE1 with the whole ‘CMDR4.7G-CAEWM03 blah blah blah’ string, they burn great. No media is immune to having variation in batches, nothing different going on here. You’d have to test dozens of batches to come up with any meaningful conclusion as to whether or not there is a definite difference in quality based on batch info that is written on the bottom of the discs.

Here’s one of your ‘bad’ discs (Teon branded):

Got a set with the CMDR47G-CAEWM04-019 and then a space and the 4 digit code of 0408.

The MID code matches the good code mentioned in the first post.

The discs themselves appear to burn very well in most burners, apart from the BenQ DW1620 which gives results of around 260PIe but good jitter and PIf’s.

Oh and these discs are HP branded.

More likes hundreds or thousands.

I already have a meaningful conclusion: I wasted money on these round pieces of plastic. About 10 had few errors – as opposed to being completely useless. For DVD-video playback those ten causes playback hiccups on five DVD players, and decode errors. The Super-Failing media froze XBMC requiring a reboot, and the five set top DVD players simply refused to recognize the round plastic as a disc. I’ve created duplicates of burns to Taiyo Yuden on the remaining Linkyo round plastics and found excellent results with TY, and abysmal results with the “duplicates” on LinkYo. Notice that my MID differs from both codes in the original post.

As I’m using hands-down the best soho burning devices: Plextor 716 and 708 it is clearly a fault in the “media”. If it doesn’t work in Plextor there’s something wrong with it. QED

It doesn’t matter in the slightest that there may be 100 or 1,000 great media discs in a wherehouse somewhere. What does matter is that the round plastic I do have is OBVIOUSLY not suited to be called media and of no valuable use to me.



You and me both. Besides TY are too cheap to bother with anything else at this point (at least if you are in the US).