CMC-made "Cyqve" Sony D11? Quality?

Alright, taken from the following page:

Brand: Cyqve
Manufacturer: CMC Mag
Media Code: Sony D11


Has anyone had any experience with CyQ’ve? From the picture, the discs themselves look like some of the higher-quality discs around, by the look of the finish at least.

Comments? Especially welcome are those from lite-on owners :wink:

CMC? I thought Sony D11 were mostly by Daxon?

Never seen sony.D11 from CMC MAgnetics…

All I’ve had have been made by Daxon in either Taiwan or Malaysia.

Didn’t Lead Data OEM for Sony for a while?

Yeah, I couldn’t find much information on CMC/SonyD11 - has this media code been seen faked before?

Sony media codes have been stolen a number of times in years past. They are usually isolated to Asia though. Never really seen them in Europe or North America.

I’m in New Zealand, so asia is likely the supplier of these imports!

Cyq’ve CD-R’s are made by CMC, as are their -R discs (CMC MAG AE1) - there aren’t many tests of AE1 on older Liteon burners around though :frowning:

the sony 8x media code has been faked and sold in america

Got any details on that? I’ve never seen or heard of it.

GQ media uses faked sony’s unless the the real deal, i have a 50 pack of them, they come up as the sony dxx whatever the 8x+r is but the dye is the light coloered purple and looks to be faked media code, but burn pretty well

It could be a Daxon OEM though couldn’t it? Can you post the serial numbers on the disc?


^Here’s my D11 serial:

I have some as well. Mine are labelled as LG branded discs with the same SONYD11 mid. These are not the same as the usual orange/pink LG discs but have a black and white label.

My serial no :


These give me pretty good burn quality and were disgustingly constant in quality across the 25pc cake box I have. So I’d really like to know who made them.

The GQ and LG disc’s are not fake.
There made by Lead data.

has to be a mistake, maybe they just assumed it was CMC since all other discs they sell have the CMC code, but they listed the MID anyway. shrug

Edit: that site has some potentially dodgy sony discs selling, overprints (same seller). At least they explain what they are though. Of the discs selling there, i’d go for ricoh discs if possible.

btw are CMC stuff good? btw, first post (yes, holer/whislte/clap) so whip out the champaigne…
anyways, i just went to office to get some CD-r’s. so they had some St stuff, princo, and some other cp i didn’t recognize. so i picked up a pack from NEC. used the cd atip program. CMC came up. it’s in gold coloring on the label side and actually says “gold” on it. wow! i can melt it down and sell it!
da number in the end rim of hub: cwlhu1879 0827. i didn’t even use a magnifying glass…yay!
any help appreciated.

Dicer - yeah, i ordered a couple of 50pc Ricoh spindles, along with a 25pc MaxMax (GSC003) to try - they seem to have good scans, and good results!

Are overprints rejected for their actual recording layer quality being bad though? Because if it’s just the top layer being dodgy, what’t so wrong with them?

KyRoWire, overprints can be good, but generally are not recommended because of one of the following reasons:

  1. The discs were overprinted for a reason in the first place – either a printing error on the label side of the disc (not really a problem), or maybe because they failed QC for some other issue (might be a problem). For example, if BrandName said that the discs were of too low quality to be sold, they might be shipped off to be overprinted. Do you really want to be using some factory rejects?


  1. The overprinting process requires more physical contact with the discs, since they have to run through the printing machine again. In theory, the discs could be scratched up or otherwise damaged in the process.


  1. The discs might simply be old media stock (something advertised as 4x, for example) that is overprinted so they can sell it as 8x media. Depending on the media code, this might fly.

In short, why take chances with overprints when you don’t have to?

Yeah. Fair enough I suppose. I’d take rejected media from TY any day though - it’s probably better than 90% of the stuff we get shipped over to NZ! (Made in Hong Kong is becoming an increasingly familiar sight! :()