CMC disc dyes

I have some old (except the MFP one which is newer) CMC discs and they have the following codes:

Datawrite - MAH - Azo
Memorex, HP, Kaufland, LG - MTP - TDK
Memorex, TDK - PEP - Ethylene or Enylmethane
Emtec - PSP
New unbranded printable - MFP - Fuji (old)

Which are H=8x and P=16x media. Does anyone have CMC discs with different dyes (second letter in the code) and/or know what dyes are my discs (also please tell me if I am right about the dye in MAH, MTP and MFP and what dyes are the other ones E and S)? I have read here about the meaning, but I don’t know if the information is valid and there is nothing about S dye written in that topic.
Thank you.