CMC - are these good?

Are these CMC discs good?


In general, how do you recognise if CMC discs are good? Do they have different MIDs for different quality? Or do you buy from reliable brands?


The CMC discs have the same MID.
If they’re under reliable brands such as HP, TDK, they are usually good.
If they’re under brands such as Datawrite, Tevion or unbranded, it can be anything from excellent to awful. :frowning:

Infiniti are another top brand to find CMC under :iagree:

^^ What the guys said. :slight_smile:

One more thing - under known decent brands, CMC media is very stable :slight_smile:

I have had excellent results with this MID. The only reason I do not look for them is that I can but Verbatim MCC004 for 12.99USD for a 50 spindle and I am very happy with them. Usually the CMCs are about the same price or more.

Hence my interest :iagree: :iagree: