CMC and you (and me ;))

Hello there. First time posting in forums such as these, though I’ve been lurking here and there for awhile now. I’ve noticed recently how people have been downing CMC. I’ve been buring since the days of 2x, which was (whew) a LONG time ago by my standards. I never really thought twice about media until I got my GCE-8320B (LG) upgrading from my lil 4x :p.

However recently media has become a big thing with me. I have noticed that the vast majority of the CD’s I have been purchasing have been CMC. Don’t get me wrong, though, I have (by my standards?) never had a problem with these CDs. The last 4 spindles I purchased were 100pk TDK (CMC) and one 100Spindle of Phillips CD-R80 (40x certified) Media w/ blue stripe (CMC)

Thats why I was so amazed when I came here and found so many CMC bashing threads. (or at least, upset users ;)) I havent yet burned a CD with my new MSI Dragonwriter (48x16x48x), because I didnt want to ruin my luck with these CMC cds :slight_smile:

Now, this may be n00bler, but is there a certain utility ( i keep hearing scandisk but i am at a loss) to search for specific errors (ie c1/c2)

Also - one last thing - Has anyone had luck with Acer manufactered CDS? One ACER CD was bundled with my dragonwriter. If you have had a good experience, what brand was it, and does that brand only use acer?

Thanks - Soul

Ya there is a great utility that comes with Nero, but you can get it independently. Just go to the scandisc part and do a physical scan.

Nero CD Speed 1.0

Now, I agree with you, almost every, maybe even every, CD-R I have had and have used are CMC. I usually buy those $10 for 50pak, or $15 for 100pak, ones. They used to be Memorex, but mostly now its either no name brands or Khypermedia. They burn great at 24x and 32x, but just for safety I don’t burn at the 40x they say they can though when I did the cds turned out fine with my overclocked Lite-on. I just do a check with a media every once is awhile to check that its a good spindle.

I have a box of 10 650MB Maxell cdr’s that are made by Acer and have had no problems with them. I have a LG GCE-8320B also. I don’t know if Maxell uses only Acer or if they also use other manufacturers.:confused:

Maxell CD-R ATIP: 97m 22s 65f
Disc Manufacturer: Acer Media Technology, Inc.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 658.88MB (74m 59s 74f / LBA: 337349)

LG drives are well known for being able to burn to most discs, CMC included.

I’ve never had a problem with CMC either.

It seems to me that the newer (and faster) the drive, the more media problems it has.