Cmc af1 and f01 on sale tomorrow 40% off

OM sale tomorrow khypermedia (cmc) +r and -r 40% off tomorrow

so since they are regularly priced 24.99 for 25 packs and 49.99 for 50 packs they should be about 15 and 30 respectively

i am going to be getting an additional $10 off tomorrow as i signed up for their MAXPERKS which gets you a coupons for $ off you can use either on the web or in person.

free shipping on phone or web orders over $50

also for those of you who are auto-impaired they have free local delivery if you have a OM in your area and the order is over $50

mods move if you please i just wanted my friends in the liteon forum not to miss this!

just checked the website and it is up now:
10 packs 6.98
25 packs 14.98
50packs 29.98 (for some reason the 50 pack +r is not showing correct but if you call the 800 # they will honor it)

thanks man we love you!!

ackkk i ended up with a 50 pack of R01 2.4x… oh well for $20 after everything i guess i can live with it.

It looks like all of the Kyphermeida on sale this week with the instant rebates seems to be “2.4X”.

I know CMC “af1 and f01” are fine but is that what some of the packs that are branded as begin “2.X” actually the better 4X capable media?

Or will you only get the “good stuff” if you can find Kyphermedia at Office Max this week that’s on sale and it i actually labeled as 4X?

I’d really like to pick some “af1 and/or f01” at that price but I don’t want to be stuck with any 2.X media considering that I’m already stuck with some 8X Memorex -R discs from last week that will not work correctly with my 811. :slight_smile: