CMC 40x Silver CDR Media 80 Min/700MB

Found these 40x CMC’s at CD Dimension-

Thought I’d give them a try. I usually only use Mitsui or Taiyo Yuden and their 32x’s and even most of their 24x’s write at 40x but since these are one of the first 40x certified I am giving it a shot. I bought some no name ones and have CompUSA, which I hear are Ritek ordered as well.:eek:

My CompUSA 24x’s are Lead Data, fyi. Dont know if you’re talking about 40x’s or not.:slight_smile:

I just ordered online from CompUSA and they were listed as 40x, not 24x. However, somone supposedly checked them out and posted that they were Ritek. I haven’t goten them yet, so I am not sure though.