Seems everyone is having problems with this game. If any one has sucessfully backed this game up post up how you did it here plz


I hate to sound stupid here, but what’s Cm5?


Championship Manager 5


Ahh, duh. Have you tried using the Twinpeaks method? As I’m sure there’s some pretty heavy blacklisting going on here, you’ll want/need a non-emulated copy.


Naaa I cant get the BWA file for the Game. Portmac doesnt have it yet


Make your own. :wink:


Yes, I don’t understand why everyone is constantly looking for BWA files. Even if your drive doesn’t make very good bwas, you can always fix 'em so that they work.


I think the reason so many people are having problems is because they havn’t paid for it. I tried it with blindwrite and the first copy i made worked(i made a bwa, and burnt with it). It doesn’t seem to like playing from my CD-RW but is ok from my DVD drive(one failed CD auth(clicked retry and it worked), the rest have been fine), so maybe the problems are peoples drives and not copying methods, i don’t know much about copy protections though so i may be wrong.


You are undoubtedly correct. If you look at this (closed) thread about CM5, you’ll see that, with a few exceptions, practically everyone who has posted is trying to get a warez image to work :Z rather than trying to make a back-up copy of an original.


So has anyone managed to make a backup copy of an original? Or is there really no difficulties with this game?


Yes. See, for example, post by HughM 2 posts above yours. :slight_smile:


I actually bought the Game on friday it wasn’t all that FM2005 is better, but newayz i jus want to work out how to make back up sucessfully


Does anyone here own a Plextor Premium, CM5 and BlindWrite?


I used Blindwrite Suite 4 for making the image and made a bwa as well. Then used these to burn back to disk. My Backup seems to work fine, installs and plays the game.



I managed to get a successfull image from Blindwrite and was able to mount using Dtools and worked without any problems. But I had to use reg hacks to make it work in Dtools:

  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\Devicemap\SCSI\SCSI Port 4" /deny=administrators=r
    (the SCSI port you want for is dependant on the d347prt driver)
  2. “\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices” /deny=administrators=r

To carry out the deny=administrators=r, right click on the key (e.g MountedDevices) , hit permissions and then choose adminstrators and deny read access.

  1. In Dtools under emulation have Securom and RMPS enabled.

  2. Start CM5 and play.

From what i understand this should work with most Securom 7 games as its using blacklisting methods.


Download my Championship Manager 5 BWA file here.


I copied the game using Blindwrite Suite 5 and it works fine and plays fine and I copied the game from an original copy and it works without need for emulation or cracks.

All I did was make an image file using Blindwrite and then burned the image file to a disc using Blindwrite and works…


Sorry i havent replied for a few days guys but i was on holiday. Any way the bwa. file worked great thanks for the help


what about for power users? what method shud we try?


Did my BWA work for everybody?