CM4 and Daemon Tools

Is it possible that Daemon Tools is blacklisted for CM4?
I always get this error:

NOCD2-NOCD2: The copy protection system was unable to verify your copy of Championship Manager. Please ensure you have a valid CD in your CDROM drive.

When I run the game, it gets passed the Securom check and it starts up, but when I try to access team options in the game it quits with that error message.

I also tried with the emulator from Alcohol with all possible emulation settings, but got the same result.

The game runs fine with a backup made with CloneCD/Blindwrite (thus using a REAL cd).

Looks like the protection can detect emulators in some way…
I prefer to run my games using Daemon Tools because it’s faster and there’s no hassle with cd’s all the time. But this is the first one that won’t work. I had no problems with other Securom titles like Unreal Tournament and Unreal 2.

Originally posted by Reefke
Is it possible that Daemon Tools is blacklisted for CM4?

Yes, it’s quite likely. Each new version of securom invariably blacklists the daemon tools and alcohol virtual drives (which, of course, prompts an update to get around the blacklisting).

It’s one of the reasons you really do need to use the latest dt/alcohol versions since there is a never-ending game of catch-up.

Bleh :confused: I just downloaded the new DT 3.32 yesterday and it’s already blacklisted :frowning:

The Daemon-Tools team needs to investigate this issue… please report it.