Clyclic Redundancy Check Error with Pirates

I have been getting this cyclic redundancy check error while using dvdshrink and dvddecryptor while ripping Pirates of the caribbean. I’m not sure why I get this error but I know that it is on the menu part of the movie that it occurrs. The menu is about 112 megs in size but at the same place, 89,050 megs is when that error message pop ups in both decryptor and shrink (both of which are latest versions). In fact, i even tried copying the files to my hard drive through drag and drop method and it happens on the same file. I am thinking this might be some sort of a protection in the movie perhaps? But I am not sure. Has anyone else been able to rip pirates successfully? and if so what did you do that I haven’t done. Again, this happens on the menu part of the movie on the 89,050 meg. I have tried ripping at 2x and 1x and I get teh same result. Here are my system specs

Windows XP SP1
Pentium 4 2.4B 533
768 Megs of 2700 DDR 333
Lite On 851s firmware im using the 8S0C firmware or whatever it is… it has the C in it (and it is setup secondary master)
Hard drive: the hard drive im ripping to is an 80 gig Wester Digital.

I have read other posts about dirty dvds and scratched dvds… this dvd isnt dirty or scratched. Any help with this matter would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks:) :cool:

had that problem 4 times ripping with my 811, used a different drive to rip and had no problems. Just use another drive and u should be fine.

I tried it on my mothers Pioneer too and it happened at the same place. So I am not sure what the cause of this problem is or if there is a way around it other than using a different drive =\ Thanks for the reply

is ur mom’s pioneer a burner as well? maybe its some error designed to trap burners. I ripped my troublesome discs in a rom drive no probs.
Maybe a workaround would be to use dvd decryptor and set a higher tolerance of read errors, then shrink that rip. Test it on an RW first tho, because I’m not sure how its gonna come out with those ignored read errors.

I have a lite on and my mom the pioneer

I tried it in decryptor… but you say there is a way to set high tolerance for read errors? this wouodnt do something that could damage the eye of a regular dvd player would it? unfortunately i dont have a regular dvd-rom =\ that is why im hoping to find a solution to this problem for the dvd burner =\ thanks for your reply

I noticed in decryptor you can ignore read errors… do something like that wouldnt also potentially damage a dvd player would it?

no, it doesn’t damage the drive. What happens is that usually when there is a read error, the drive tells the software that it had a problem and the software usually tries again once and then stops. What u’ll be doing is telling the software to carry on ripping and ignore those problem spots (much like fast error skip in clone cd).
However, I’ve never burned a disc (apart from a cd backup) with ignored read errors, so I don’t know how it’d look on screen, so test it with an RW first

Alrighty ill give it a try and see what happens
tahnks for your help

Ok i just tried it and there seems to be errors from that 89,050 and on… fortunately it is only on the menu part of it

i ripped van wilder the other dya with out a problem. i just dont know what to do =\ thanks again for the help

no probs. just give it a burn on an RW and let’s know how it goes.

ive personall ripped that disk with dvd decrypter and encountered no such errors.

Is the bottom of the cd clear of any scratch marks or smudges?

Or its possibly a bad disk /shrug

Some dvd-roms are better at reading such things than others

Well at closer examination ive notcied a smudge that wont go away on the inner part of the disc (most presumeably where the menu portion of hte movie is) so it may just be that. i wish i could get my hands on a version that was perfect on the bottom just to test it. But thank you all for your input and replies it is much appreciated it =)