Clues to status of the "other" forum - CDRLabs?



I’m a very infrequent visitor here (and there) so was coming back to get some info and found CDRLabs forum as unavailable for last coupla days…anyone who, like me, used both of these know what’s going on with them over there?
Since I have found some posts here that point to posts there, I thought I’d ask…


I just checked it and it appears ok to me.


Maybe this answers your question. :wink:


That’s why i waited for close to two days (I think) before asking…I wish they would have put that “offline” msg on the “unavailable” page that I got…THANKS! And their site is up but forums are not and it was the forums that i have bookmarked…I actually forgot they have other parts to site (DUH!) but it was about 4+ months since i was there/here until last week…


No problem, we’re always happy to help. :iagree: