Clueless Newbie Help - DVD-RW thinks it's a CD

I bought a spindle of Fuji DVD-R 4.7GB discs. I stuck one in the DVD-RW drive in my laptop (Philips DVD±RW SDVD8820 in a Dell Inspiron E1505), but the computer then proceeded to tell me it was a “blank CD” and refused to let me copy data to it (I want to use it for file storage, not as a DVD). I then moved the same blank disc to my desktop (Dell Dimension 8400 with NEC DVD±RW ND-3450A) and got the same result. When there is no disc in the drive, Windows Explorer reports it as “DVD-RW Drive (D: )”, but when I put this blank disc in, it changes to “CD Drive (D: )”. Is there something wrong with the discs, or am I doing something wrong? Any available help will be most appreciated. :bow:

Not the computer but the stupid explorer told you that…

Install a proper burning app like Nero, then you can burn on DVD too.

it happens to everyone just a windows quirk ignore it , and as alredy said you must use a proper burnning software in order to burn a dvd