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John do they have AA in the UK?

Hi Jethro

Can’t remember! Always nice to see you at the club.

Grandkids have started miming that s… s… joke back to me. It was on one of the many Sky cartoon channels apparently… All the rage at their college now! Kid’s love things like that,



Must look up just where you are located… You don’t seem to know the Uk too well!

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2568632]John do they have AA in the UK?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, but it depends on what you’re after…Alcoholics Anon. or Automobile Association (think that’s what that AA stands for - what I believe you guys call AAA across the pond). You probably didn’t wanna know, but Queen of Useless Facts I am. :wink:

Re: short-term memory problems - lots here. Am I old? Depends what day you ask. :bigsmile:

Date today. , Usual short version, (UK)—11/1/11 - (Palindrome).–Travelled backwards in time then?

Only slightly bizzare and off topic… It does refer to “Time” however.!

We started like that!!


Reference #19, para 2

Hi Arachne.

I missing picking up the point you made.

I have a need, for updated advice on a thread I raised in Feb 2009. It has had recent hits. Only necessary to read the last posting or so. Bit of a long saga. Perhaps somebody could help.

Heading " Upgrade HDD in my Samsung NC10" (Section, obvious)

Reference #19, para 2 (Again, yes)

Hi Arachne

Lots of hits today, as you summised, re my further requests, for help.

No actual soloution, still there’s time yet!

Has, one askedtoo much, etc etc. I suppose it is a lot to ask for a “Perfect Back Up Disk”,

Reference #19, para 2, (yet again) and the points made therein

I myslf there is very little which “off Topic”. I believe in covering the whole of what may be a “tree”. , and freely engaging ina FULL !!!

Being too “Picky” is not useful. It can, put people off and they depart, and swim elsewhere. One then loses out, in many ways.

We are all only, in “Tree”, only a few “Branches” apart. It appears, from an interesting article, I recently read, that one can quickly be traced to any other human in the World. Or even the Milky way, if, as many people do, believe that e have visitors from our Milky Way galaxy. I will limit us, for the sake of our present discussion, to this galaxy. It’s is a bit FAR, to consider, other galaxies, as some are thousands of light years away.

I have also carefully examined the Tree of Life charts, that’s rather interesting, but only, of course, for retirees like, pondering things and not jumping to conclusions

By the way Arachne, goling back to my interest in golf, which you mentioned, in on of you replies, I mis-read, because my eyes are not what they were, Kerry golf, appeared on my retina as Kerry gold.

Would that make an amusing thread for one of a humourous nature, one asks (No question mark required, there [I] think) [/I]I think. (Or ONE think, if that is your preference. You know, It ceases production, bucause it wasnt “Just like Butter”. By the way, if that wasn’t kerryGolds, advertising blub thne it is now 02.54, (GMT), so Rhett’s. If one wants to discuss this, or let’s say, indulge in afriendly battle of word, have noqualms. It would be useful in keeping the pot boiling. Not likely for busy people, of course, but for people with lots of time on their hands, ,<<<<<well. There goes that “it’s up to you” again.

Hi Jethro. It’s Montana then. I always loved cowboy films. I see you are a photographer (Now we are off topic>>>>>>>>>), but please >>>>>>>no haste. We might discover otherwise as we go along. I have two DSLR outfits, Jethro, but mainly use a Canon S90. I find the DSLR, rather a pain, somewhere or, other, (keeping things polite of course). It’s an age thing of course. I was into weight-lifting but that was a long time ago!! I passed all the barbells and bench press/squat stuff on to my grandson (seventeen years). He is still a little skinny, but he has grown almost six inches in a year. Suppose the squats and bench presses, will soon fill him out, as he mature

My new 17.3 " laptop finally arrived (delayed in the post, 12 days). I must be careful, not to go on too much when I stop using this 10" screen netbook (eyestrain. It’'s I’ll bear in mind of course.

Jethro, if you can help, with my problem on my on-going ssd saga I will be most obliged. Your (almost said, unlike someothers then), this club, very easy to negotiate.

Rather tired now (played golf today Kerry, might consider a new electric buggym perhaps) By the way, I wasn’t especially, enamoured of " off please bear that in mind" thingy (Not verbatum, all this ) If that is a “standard letter”, it might be worth a little re-thing and a possible re-phrasement! We have all sorts of member, of course, elderly like me, newbies, almost newbies (I’m really a newbie, joined Feb 2009), which makes it quite difficult to get my daily average up, but then of course , there is always that new big screen, to look forward to. I am sure that you wouldn’t to have an influence, on our present growth, hits and, possibly any averse effects on our attractiveness to our kind revenue suppliers.

I am not inclined to"Preview Post" People of a pedantic notice, even those with good intentions, please go away. Nearly inserted "Rhett’s there, but thought it might not be in good taste.

Not off to bed just yet , now 03-27(GMT). not radio controlled of course, what pc is11

There is rather a good programme (I think that’s the correct spelling, in the context of TV,). It’s Astronomy, and that has always been an interest of mine. Sorry I didn’t list it in Profiles

What’ is your Handicap Kerry? Our ladies section if very active, (or SO I 've heard. One plays for the County in fact. She’s a C;lose Friend of "Pot hunter, by the way. But then, as you well know, good golfers like to stick together. He "seems happily married. Spends a lot of time working out in the large Health Club he owns. Perhaps that’s why I thouyght he was still growning, but then of course, older people tend to “shrink” a little as they get older. Astromony thing as just started. I was about to change my mind and read through this "Reply, now have reveerted to my original decision.


Reference # this one, the space in-between ,and the last #one.!!

Got up.ensuite, bathroom Well planned as one gets older

always leave the netbook in stand by, ssd very cool running.,quiet also

Felt awake ( inbed one hour), quite surprised at what use had been put to the space as referred to above ( see reference# space #.!

How is that managed, so quickly??

Might just mention that lovely David Vines the sports reporter, on earlier TV, not ,many stations then off, course as older members will verify. No astronomy, in the middle of the night.

After a specially good, long ,long and graceful jump he used to almost. SHOUT , in excitement " He’s pulled out the big one".!!

My daughter was absolutely convulsed ( she was only 12 at this period in time), at after considering whether, I should write to her (expensive), school about early sex education and enlightment I thought better of it. It was a convent school and the headmistress was a very senior nun, Ph .d in fact but I don’t think she used the Prefix. “Doctor”, not that I can remember. Unlike, some of those at the golf club, Kerry! Hey!

By the way, David died, sadly, only a few months ago, in his mid seventies.

If you have any interest in my excursion to the en-suite, please let’s think about a little decorum here. This is, as I know, a club with members of good taste. I don’t think we should have any problems reference that.

I’m just verycurious, as to how things are picked up on, when following one’s choice of words. Pure carelesnness, and not having a long acguaintance, with posting. I know ,of course that all business is market driven, one has to admire such market efficiency. I’m glad I could hide behind other staff, good secretaries, (best with soft and slighty flirty voices of course . busy PABX, and letter post. That slowed everything down, thank goodness. I couldn’t cope with the speed of things today. Instant email, sms, voice mail etc. Glad I’m out of the race race and all that pressure.

Wonder is the space, previously referred to and not really far to scroll, is managed by clever software, or do people work, in a global sense of course 24/7. Some will know of course, and kindly bring me more up to date with present business matters.

Personally I don’t believe all that voice mail stuff about , "This converation may be recorded, for training purposes. It’s really that most call centres one is, after press key this, then that is a subterfuge, and thus results of having to pay peanuts. And know, what some informed people, might say that is all the get in staff. I’d would risk, if I was not retired and be a little rude, evenconfrontation. But, If I thought that a huge gorilla would try my intercom in an attempt to gain access (Have cctv of course, ), for a little chat I would use the answer phone and ask him to leave a message. One might as well use all the things that were planned when, the architect drew up the plans, and a nice colour brochure was available when one enquired about moving in. Had a sales offfice nearby, but I always found them a bit pushy, and their skirts a little too short

06-24 (GMT) Lie in tomorrow I think. Hate new laptops. Setting up and email account (POP 3 and other tedious details, is taxing as one get’s a little older.

Talking of age , is that date/age counter in Profiles automatically "updated as one’s birthday occurs?

Will close now. (05-55). Should be OK re that en-suite thing, I feel for a few hours. I’ll not bother swithcing the betbook of of course as its plug into the mains. It is very portable, and has a good battery life, but in the en-suite, which,of course has no mains socket I always take care to drop it!! No, not th<<<<<<!


Backfire re the swimming stroke theme.

The # between# ads.

Picked the WRONG stroke.

Picked up the medical type.

My younger sister, a retired doctor, died of a stroke, in the hospital, where she had been a consultant died, of a stroke on Guy Fawkes Night, 5.1 1.2009. If people, who have lost loved one’s due to strokes,were distresssed by this,
mention of the word I am sorry.

It also, picked up, the Great North Swim on Lake Windemere, Cumbria. ( my fell walking stomps, in the National Park.) She was in the same swiiming club as me, as was her older daughter. (Charity swim, in support of MS aid (

The three of us were regulars in the 1 mile swim. You,ll find the various locations, on the club site,with some help, if necessary, if you so desire.

Nobody’s fault of course, just one of the things that are bound to happen,

Many words have two meanings, as we have covered, in various ways.

All part of life’s rich tapestry.!

Just a quikie, not really in the mood tonight

Looking for SE Asia travel site. at, 10-00 (GMT), today, came across a peculiar day /date.

This IS, in topic. URL

His email address if on his site.

Might read, though a bit of his prose


I will ask him, if he has set his pc time /datecorrectly

Ref #29

Another quikie (Quite sleepy) The strange hours I keep.

Should nave mentioned, used cut and pasted the date incorrect date he was using.(Tomorrow’s etc Day/date, to this blog site), and sent it via Skype. 11-00 (GMT)

Must have arived. Had a nice email. ( Just opened my mail box). Get lots of mail.

He is very busy, young Thai wife, expecting their first child

Has adjusted the day/date on his site. I will “cut and paste” , his mail, perhaps tomorrow., just for interest.

Says Sorry etc.etc. “hangs head in shame” etc. ( Him, that is)

Makes this thread, a bit illustrative, in this discussion

Forgot to add, Thailand is GMT + 7 hours.

Not set the 17.3 " screen laptop yet, tried in for size on " laptable " I had made.

Always have the tele on, sound off. Now I can’t see over the top of the 17.3 screen!! I used to be good about things like , numbers thing… Feel a bit like “Mr Chad”

Been a funny dayof course. When I first came across the wrong date, this a.m., , thought I had slept, and lost a day.TRUE!! Checked my daily newspaper (like cross-words, very much). confirmed MY date ,was correct. Checked various other things, pc’s etc. No problem.

Just sent the email to apologise. He has apparently been flooded out recently. ( 2 meters , deep). he saved the, new sofa, but it was stuck fast on his stairs for a week sms, message!! Wife angry etc.etc

Sent him our URL, more or less as a part of an apology for being a nuisance , and that we had a "thread, under discussion.


Forgot to add. Site uses that “Back to top of the page”, button we talked about


I will “cut and paste”, the explanatory email from the man running the Site “in the future” ( He was very apologetic for mis-leading me about a day I though I had missed out on! ( I tend to nod off for lengthy periods, and then stay up two days). Sorry for any delay, in posting, by the way

He seemed a little bit ashamed of himself.

I have re-read some of his stuff and it is rather good…

Mostly, to long-haul travellers to SE Asia! of course, and not of general interest.

He must spend hours on it’s preparation.

We have exchanged a few sms.

He gets about ten hits a day! All that work and nobody there!!

Strange that. I was about to mention, quite idly, that we get somewhat more than that. but being retired, I try to stay away from figures., I refrained from any observation.

FIGURES----- ?? Yes and I’ve quite finished with all that other nonsense, too, thank goodness. Makes for a much simpler life!!

I have always had a bit of an obsessive nature, My late wife often remarked. on that.


Just , idly browsing, and quite likely to do so, for a few happy
hours, I happened to notice that there is, a new addition ,once one has logged on, that all times are " GMT!". Was only online today ( and Sir Richard said it was a true 100 mbps, but it was best to test it. (My fibre optic connection, perhaps I shoud add.)

To the best of my belief, and following the examination ,of the companies books, and to the best of our knowledge, and information,’ the following accounts, give the information, required by theCompanies Act 1948, in the manner so required — and all that twaddle. ( not verbatum . I was a lot younger in my first post in acountancy

When I first introduced, this important point regarding which, time zone was to be the most useful.=============…>>>>>>>>>>> I was informed . and this can be confirmed by our more professional members, , that the date used was Euro,was , because, tthat was where the HQ is located… (thought it was dated, and a bit parochial, but it was just after Christmas)

OK if the nice person, didn’t quite get, what a newbie, quite old, but with MOST of his faculties remaining, was enqiring of. then this is understandable.

However, when a change in the time used, alters, not a lot,as Paul Daniels,famously said, it seems rather mean, as one of the board, was very ready to explain the use of (Euro), not to engage other members, ’ having a discussion along these lines!, of this change in policy One wonders , is this is a point , which mighr be worthy of further discussion,.

When I was in the “profession”, before my move into "Industry, which is a move, competely sick and tired of the ever changing tax and company law, and one’s memory , not being quite what it was, many people make, it would have been nice, if the board of directors ( sorry if that uis not a correct Dutch description)(everthinig is markett diven etc etc.) It seems to me, that a reference to that - ALL TIMES ARE NOW GMT, in bolder TYPE , would have been useful, It would have stopped an ongoing thread of course, who were having quite a pleasant time, some even managed to bring in, if a little “out of topic”, time travel.

I am new and my eyes are not so good these days. But the notice at log on does not semm to be in accord with this HQ / Euro hypothesis…

I would like this to be discussed ,further , by my friends, who happpily meet, at our local 50 meter baths!!! (Used to do “Open Water” but that cross Channel
swim when that jelly fish, wished to become too friendly and, being of a private nature I was forced to abandon my lap, to the disconcernment of a friend not quite able to don his wet suit, well. I await the pleasure of your reply.

Just a small suggestion-- if the reason for the incredibly small type, and that the board, have had a change of mind, this being a GLOBAL club, and, possibly even larger , with all these rumours about visitors from outer space, one perhaps, may be forgiven for inquiring, why , the notice is not as thus “ALL TIMES ARE GMT”, The small type appears only momentarily, and goes by, in a flash. Rather like “You have entered an incorrect doo dah etc when one has been especially careful ( Full stop. comma and new para etc.) Great shorthand secretary, by the way and we always exchange Christmas cards. If my friends at our local public baths, feel that we are not given, an explantion, or one that contains an element of " fob off”. we can always think of a few supplementary items /questions to discuss. I felt quite lost, as a new member, when"three hours ago" , time was displayed, and my friend, who loves tulips, and also a member of our club enquired of me, not that I am an authority onsuch matters, as global times were, were quite the same. as when Euro was displayed Only yesterday, for example, I ,whilst idly browsing , seeking SE Asia, travel blogs, amd happened upon a date which was "tomorrow’s. Asked him to sms me the racing result of course. Well one would, wouldn’t one. Contacted him, and he made a very nice apology. New very young Thai wife, expectant, not feeling so good, two meter floods etc. . Thought it was tomorrow,when it was really yesterda. y I was very confused.,. quickly checked my daily nwespaper, and to my relief, found I had not mised out on a day. The members of a local swimming club await your reply, with interest. Any silly attempts, to admit that they did not/may have been Euro/GMT, etc will make my pal, the one who loves, tulips, make further enquiries and , possibly even send back,his radio controlled watch, which,as he so proudly told me , is accurate to withi na second, in one million years…He has added a clause to his will, with an appendage that some future offspring, would follow this claim up,( not a warranty /guarantee), should notxxxhold good.

Yours faithfully

John (no silly hedging please etc). My frineds, at our 25 meter pool, often chat as we enjoy our swim

If it has always beeen there, at log on, in that tiny type, whereas other sites juse BOLD type, please excuse this inattentiveness. You will have my friends, who have had lots of fun, awaiting your comments!!

By the way. My partnership nused to be able to obtain company information from Bush House re company structures and other relevant data. But this is going back many years, and now everything is electron

If the tiny print, was alwasy there, and I missed it, with my failing eyes, I apologise, for any waste of the boards time… Full stop, comma and all that jazz.

Yours truly


Sorry about all that… I do tend to go on when I think that people are not listening

I’m almost a newbie, but have rather a simple question.

When did Eurotime , suddenly become. " five hours ago" ago and all that useless twaddle!!!

I have always acutely disliked being talked down to.!!!

if you met me , not as some one . chatting in " cyberspace", but as an elderly enjoyer, of this great iste, face to face ., I would be pleased to meett you and we would get on. If there has been an intelligent talk . that GMT, is better than a PAROCHIAL time, merely because, the HQ is in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, then---------

Business is never easy and people are extemely busy because of this electronic age, No hiding behind a good secretary, as iI could,or something delayed in the post. I juat couldn’t cope with all that…

Nothing is easy!! I am on my 350th update on XP. It is QUITE impossible to take everything into account, whether, in a prog…or.patches!! Or any other decision management that has to be made

If we , and ., I mean our friendly club, are global, which is better? Dutch time, (lovely bi-lingual people) or a time that is understoood all over the world.???

A business re-think, is never something to be ashamed of.

Our club, is comprised of all manner of people

I personally think that, should be taken into account.

“Couching” is important in any contact with anyone who is in our club.

Some are retirees. some are still running companies, some have many probllems most are under pressure because of the things that were not there in my day.; I have a friend, in middle management, who had 150 sms yesterday.

If there has been a decusion, to adopt , a global clock, rather than a parochial clock, then that is a wise decision… Anyone who disagrees IS t wrong. You are in contact with someone , let’s say in Western Samoa. The time in Amsterdam, is of no possible concern , because she doesn’t even know where amsterdam is Or the HQ is.!!!

If it has been decided, that GMT, is more understandable than the Euro, THAT IS THE CORRECT DECISION. GREAT. Tiny print ref being on GMT is a “cop out” which I find, insulting. If Microsoft, can admit to patc.hes, just what IS the problem?

Bill gates , now has a fortune of X billions. I feel insulted that the use of Euro has now been suceeded by "five hours ago etc etc etc rather slyly. Many people must feel the same. TINY PRINT REF GMT , is not gOOD ENOUGH.


Not the slightest bit intersted iin “fob oFF”, Business re-thinks are good. Tiny print , is not!!!

John GMT - 07-01 ( not giving a ============ because ,I am in Western Samoa. ( would send you all my zip code, but, only have BOLD TYPE! But then I suppose, people may never notice. Most will,. and will be amused

Jusst a few short notes to some of my friiends, first one or two, on Topic and a little disgressions.

I use Skype a great, deal, y(yes I know, I do like, going into thinks in depth) Skype displays, on my netbook, GMT and zonal time!. Notice today for the first time. I use it on my netbook (10" screen, and my eyes are what they once were. The GMT is slightly inset, in brackets. It only appears, on the “active” message. How long it stays for is , a thng, for a current date, obviously becase, each day, is separate by a bit of a space, and the date is there, underlined. I have paid for one or two extras, and this may have been one of the “perks” I have friends and family all over the world ( I have awoken some at strange hours of course, That young lady in East Timor can get quite nasty, but if she has some sort of ring things, which alerts her, I think that her nasty response, was quite uncalled and all those BLOCK LETTERS, were not well mannered!) The dispay was (gmt) and (gmt) slighty outset. I cannot wait for DST to commenced. It is does not, take that 1 hour difference, I might give the people at Skype a short letter, Skype of course,
What sort of display, users in other Time Zones get, well until I get the new 17.3 incher in action, I willl leave it to other friends. This netbook is bad for my eyes. Opened, up, the NC!10 this morning, around about 17-53(gmt), and could make out a thing. Just to show that my short term memory is intact, make what you will of my reference o 17.3", of course.

My desktop PC i’s timer is not correct so tomorrow I will send myself an sms,

I have two Skype addresses (due to a slight error at first set-up, my fault, and not their’s) I think that, and I should have mentioned this previously, the desktop pc is Thai time (GMT+7 hours), because Iuse it for my my sms, in Thai, with my friends ther, because I am of a considerate nature. (I have also of course made, the same mistake with some friends, in Thailand). but they are of a gentle nature and do not resort to block capital, miainly because there is no such thing, in Thai script (I’m pleased about that of course).

Tomorrow, I am gong to reply to myself, which I can do from a different Time Zone, and a slight wrong time, again due that there is no DST over there, This is labour saving for me of course. However when I receive my own reply, over cyberspace, Iwill not attempt to describe,it here, as it might be confsuing.

I will send that person, who mislead me into thinking that I had slept for 36 hours, and lost a day, have ing have a quick look in the Guardian, who can meke mistakes in their grammar and speelibg , but are usually reliable with the DATE. When this phil chap gets these forwarded messages, with somewhat confusing dates, times GMT, GMT + 7 , he will be more careful about his dates and times in his rather nice site. The reason I will do this contains an element of revenge. He is a school teacher, doesn’t, meet up with adult tourists , andhas quite an annoying habit of talking down to people. This is all part of his job skill as he teachers junior grades. In Thai and English, but he comes over, in one of two sms we have exchanged as a bit of a S… A…! And he is obviously, not of a considerate nature, because he scared the Heck out of me. And also one good term, deserves another!!!

If any of my fellow swimmers have Skype, and have better eyes than me (not difficult), larger 17’’’’;l,-----screeeeeeeeeeeeeeens will examine closely the data reference the time/s I will be obliged for a an early reply to this letter.

Maybe only a few will have a readily correctly PC,as I have and to do a sciecttifuic, ie.e by adjusting the time[/dates on only ONE machine of course, this would be of great interest to our research into this important thread, and if we have members, who are over in the International date line area/s of the world, Western Samoa , ahd the verious dates used there, because of the numerous Island, spread over a large, this would help to simply matters. They must have their timers set correctly however, otherwise, please do not take part in this experiment. People so located are, obviously welcome to comment, but please, no dates/times.

Now if I may go slightly off topic, I require certain information, which the software analysis, does not have readily to hand (or so I have been told), one wonders would a “chain letter”, do the trick… ARachne and I are rather conversant with these large Xto the powerof small y, andit is quite surprising, just how , 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x, can grow. A PERSONAL reply is quite in order by the way if----------well the people to whom I am requesting simple data from, has one of my various email addresses (more than one avoids SPAM, by the way, if one uses the primary email address wisely), and makes up a chain letter circle of friends upf, who also have many email addresses, that appears to work rather well. It appears the Spam senders IINBOXES, get overloaded very QUICKLY.

Arachne bring the correctly described Quad (core), analysis , however , has cost me a lot more om Ebay… I have become quite interested in scienctific calculus, and thought I would by one for my seventeen, year old granson. Browsing one Ebay, no trouble (as I have got into the habit, of leaving 2/3 computers left on 24/7, for this purpose), I pressed a Pay Now button rather too early, perhaps even a little quikly and bought what seems to be a good one for an advanced pupil of maths.

As always opened a few too many windows, including a geneology spread, sheet ( which is very tiring to the eyes, by the way) and then clicking on the Task Bar, and then opening my Amazon account, and clicking in this calculator business, in the Searh panel there, up popped a pocket sc---------- calc, which had a large graphical display!!! capable of 480 different functions, including calculus, even the area beneath the curve, type of thing. This comes rwith an introductory manual of 285 pages. But was obviously meant for serious study, because listed separately, very adjacent, as is Amazon usual practice, there was a linked library of 4 by 850 page volumes!!! As my grandson, is at present, taking Oxbridge entrance exams, and thing that this might be better than the one I had bought on Ebay, only 8 hours previously., bought this graphical "whatsit, (£57.99, inclusive of the new VAT rate) , and booked-marked to linked volumes, as an appropriate Christmas present/s (or even sevaral Christmas presents). I am always that type of person, who like to plan, butdon’t usually buy, too far in advance, leaving it toJune/Julyish.

I am sure he will like the new machine etc and I had, at the back of my mind, being somewhat of a person who once took a Speed Reading course, let’s see (my grandson, of course) . because he is also into speed -reading, well try speed reading that lot!!! he is a little condescending when I consult him reference omputer models. A useful present, with a certain esence of revenge is a useful trick, I often found, in business ,( e.g. Havanan Cigars to non-smokers, and other devious tricks) etc etc.

It’s o3-11(GMT), Jethro, and I’ve not yet had a sip at the Malt, that "pot-hunter, my CLOSE friend, was kind enough to buy for me, Having spent loads of money re a re-furbishment of the bar, at the large Health Club he owns, where there is an enormous choice of straight malts, and wasn’t he only was so treated by him (pot-hunter i.e.) I realised that , like me , he could be somewhat devious. I remember oof course that he had toured SE Asia with his old rugby league team, and being a little devious, is quite useful ou in the Hong Kong are. I jknow this, somewhat to my cost, because I have bought many fake Rolex’s in Bangkok!!!

Howeverm it DOES, ( the Malt), taste nice, if you don’t overdo the bottled water, some of which is almost as expensive as the whisky for some strange reason…One has to be careful of the water, buy the way in Thailand. One sip of the tap water their, and it’s four days in hospital… Bottled water is, however very cheap, because it is drunk by the miillions of litres. As a further travel note, only buy factory sealed bottles, as I was a little lax, in this respect and soon found ou that the gentle Thai’s cn be a little devious.

Just in case, you think, I am an habitual drinker I only ever drink at Christmas, becaus of these presents from"pot-hunter" and his ilk, but the day, today, is15th January, and I have almost cleared out the Malt stock11

Not proof reading this, because I am no thirsty. A friendly remarks re spelling; grammarical errors will be ignored, by me, in tone, but not by you when you get one of my Letters. Taking of which, I came across some lovely printed heading note paper in a nice shade of lilac in one of the very many, otherwise used cupboard, mjostly unused, as are most, of the appklaijnces. I do not cook, for myself, even though I live alone ina nice apartment (hated what it cost for a gardener at the house before), , and I don’t where all the instrucition manuals for the built in stuff are located in any case.

I love data etc etc, so just a reminder re that eagerly awaited gen, or I might have to resort withmy five friends =, with shome I have quilcly struck up a Pen Club (if you remember “those”) i know approxiamately your age, by the way and we might see a few of those 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x , whaatsit’s using up valuable band width.

All of the foregoing is completely true!!! (Well, more or less)

John (Just about to press tbe Button, andsaving, hecause of no PS or even PPS)

John (proud owner of various, pocket scienctific calcs’, and my consultan, Arachne .:bow, doesn’t work for me, have to RTFM, after all:

Fiound the "matching envelope for the letter heading when looking for some other things. years ago had client who made LOTS of moey, inprinted stationery 9 not stationary, you will, note,as hge was a keen member of my wlking club, who, neve rmissed a tttrip to Bavaris., the hiking ine the world, nbeats Nepal hands down, because I eswwas completely kn,d .

Niw 06-16 (GMT) here in my louge, witha MALT, BY NY side,Jethcor … I am very jet llaagged without movin an inche… All these jes, flyn around around are unecessary, just og tonbed befire ut get kughtht, and thenwajke up in the dark and one/'s nody clorckbceomes soemwhat conffused , and, as I have alwys sispected those expensive trips , to SE Asia, were a bbit of an extrangavanza. And now boing retired, I some whtat miss the travel expensesm, I used to love lying on!!! If P11 d’s are still about!!!"Rhett’s and I am glad I am retired. It’s great to be out of the rat race.

I have an intering stoy abbout a ,thing about differan

ent warranty in dertian lafge compabies, vs orther large companies with better warrnties. zit ewas great for me I got a gift wrappe d
Phone, which zI sold the same day on Ebay, and the senior VP of sales lost hsi jon!!!. I got £350 for the gift wrapped oone. The moneywas in jmy PayPal acccount before I sent the phone off, becaue I ak a good customer

To revert to a previous threadm, not tooo far away-----dozed f there for a nomentzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!I’ll go to bed now and get up ins the dark about 16-00 (GMt), and will remember.

I expwxt support form users of Sype,who have correctly set their date/time po’s to support me iin this study… When we have all comentonan agreemnt , we can all set our pc’s to random random date/times and for warfd them on to this phil…net= s, arse, teacher,. Just whent ensuite again and notife e that "pot -hunter. jadnlfeft some Malt in that large bathroom cabinet, which was in tjh apartment spec… I only drin draught beer at the clubso he dhsould jave a quite chat with hisnmarket reearch. chap at the golf clun

Just a little aside. Kerry will be famuliar with people , who when the club is busy, sidle to the front. !!! A new membber started some of this over Xmas , (small guy, abou 120 lbs. After a nice day of mixed foursomes, Kerry, meals in the lovely restaur. ,dirns with friends., ending up in the baar at the new blubd house thisnnew aight stonen wekling ,whonwas also a John Travola
ta showboffndiscon KING, edfed his ways to the front. In “pot-hinters” section of this enormous bar… “pOT- HUNTER” sai and nhe had ust won the mixed foursojes, Kerry with this young lady,wwhonis a COUNYT PLAYUYER, and he was quite relaxed he gave this m small intruder , and shoted AM I IN YOUR WAY//////////??? Thius annoying new member now, awaits hsi run.

What is the time ine Montana Jethro???

Just wait tilee I get busy on my three amchines all in different time zones tomorrow!!!
If I opeen windows exporer, and tick on all those+ annd +tjings in the varoisu nfolders than I open that spread sheet, re geneolgy, and post a foledrf formnone to antoher nto forgettin that ,thought man whon confussed me, of my mofi g a folder form the spread shett into windows emplorer,wguch us old DOS people know
well. *Lotus 3, pre winfodwos and the best spread hsett eber , if we o thjhis porting and the open, in a ina folder , not a ,. forget the DOS equivalent of “folder”,

sent ltoss of sms of socutrse teilling thentour companuall this rubbishre acclimatisation