ClubMyCE, GMT and Cyberspace

I am almost a newbie here and enjoying my visits.

Just noticed that HQ uses Eurotime. Not everyone is aware that HQ is Amsterdam based.

We are a global community. Why not GMT?

This is used by most SE Asia sites I visit. I go to the Far East regularly.

Eurotime must be a little puzzling to our American friends.

We are growing rapidly.

Thought I came across a member from East Timor the other day!!

Wonder what the time is there?

What do members think?


PS It’s not the Far East to Americans. Whoops!!!

Just an observation!!

[QUOTE=johnedlord;2567765]We are a global community. Why not GMT?

We are growing rapidly.

What do members think?
I think i’m not we.

OK!! Here goes

I’m are a global community. Why not GMT?

I’m are a global community etc etc

Reads quite strangely to me!!!

But then English is only my first language.

I find Thai quite difficult. Five tones and an alphabet of sixty odd characters. Sixty eight in fact. My first use off odd meant strangely shaped. Spoken Thai, by the way, sounds almost like Chinese. I could explain the tones her I suppose. But who would care??

No mention of GMT in the reply I note!



PS Aren’t discussions great. One line reply “Quote Meters” must get quite warm. I have a golfing pal who plays great golf. Wins lots of cups in fact. Close friends call him “Pot Hunter”. Only close friends because he is rather large!!

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together …I’m crying…”

Brilliant reply again Jethro!!! (Private joke). Search the club if you want in on it.


[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2567794]“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together …I’m crying…”[/QUOTE]

Hehehe :bigsmile:

As for the site using Eurotime by default…obviously, it makes sense given where the site and its management team are based, but there is a setting in your User Preferences/Settings where you can change it to your own timezone - mine is set to GMT. :slight_smile:

Don’t ask me whereabouts in the Settings that option is mind, I set mine a long time ago and rarely poke about in there these days! So at least folk have a choice as to which timezone to use on the site, even if it does mean tweaking a setting or two. :slight_smile:

Always a pleasure to read your replies to this and other topics. Yet another member wih a nice sense of humour!

Thanks for the gen re the global time settings. I will get my grandson to “poke” about, as I am not a computer buff. If he crashes the system I can blame him! He is into computers at college. They have asked him to take the Oxbridge exams for the next intake. He says calculus is “easy”. Note to myself, (“Must stop boasting about that”). He is a nice lad and the apple of my eye. He never seems to need to swot hard. Makes you sick doesn’t it? All Grandad’s are proud, aren’t they?


Go here:

Scroll down and select your favourite time zone.
Don’t forget to click on “save changes” (on the bottom) when you’re done.


Thanks a lot Michael. Glad I didnt have to ask my grandson’s help. He’s seventeen and, quite naturally, thinks I am an old man. He would have secretly thought that I was even more of a computer illiterate!!

I usually manage, to edge into my chats with him , mentioning that I have an aunt who is age one hundred and two! That keeps him quiet. Not for long of course! He is seventeen, after all. Dads with teenage sons will know where I am coming from.


[QUOTE=johnedlord;2567780]PS Aren’t discussions great. One line reply “Quote Meters” must get quite warm.[/QUOTE] Actually i have a cold. :slight_smile: I apologize if my replies anger you. The elaborate text was not able to let me focus on your initial question.

No problem whatsoever!! Helps the forum ebb and flow!! That’s what we are all about!!

Cybersspace shoulld be used with thought however Our remarks are there, virtually for ever!! Or until a huge solar flare emmission reformats all our servers. A SFE is overdue apparently. Will cause global chaos according to the gurus. (WIIKI it. Frightening)

Back to topic. A little aside first Nothing wrong in a little diversion in a thread. Impossible to stay strightly to topic always Too hidebound you see!! So long as you quickly get back on track. Most of you will have been to an AGM for instance. Hatet them myself!! See a lovely reference to Face Book, by a member and my reply That is back to topic as you will see if you trace the threads through. And no, I won’t use “Quote and Reply” Another thread, by the way.

I am not offended at all!! Read the first para!! Then read it again!

Most of us get colds incidentallly. Must afffect different people in different ways!!! But one can’t win them all, as the old saying goes!

I visit many forums as a happily retired browser. The average IQ of members here is way above average. Which greatly adds to all our fun.

Happily retired from my profession I shoud add. Silly last phraseology. Reads as if I’ve given up on the forum!!

Was a member of MENSA for a while, (WIKI it is necessary, not sure MENSA is global folks) Was asked to resign!! They discovered I was a S…t A…e, and being a little smart also was not welcome. Off topic JOKE folks. Sorry for a little shout there!! Not liked in cyberspace!

Got ClubMyce now!! No problem.

Have written a little professionaly, (just pin money). Many members will have done the same. Always worth a thought before indulging in a ever so friendly battle of words folks!

PEACE (Now which author used to use that? Can’t remember, Sign of age!).


Hope you cold is now bettter. Meant to add that to my last post by didn’t! Sorry.

Another sign of age! (inward deep sigh)>


See last post but one above. Para two! OK, I know “quote &reply” etc etc!!

Re SFE . Log on to “Suite solar flares-etc/etc” (note to self “google URL’s john”)

Scared me to H…L How about you??

Not too far of topic one trusts!!

I shouldn’t have bought that 17.3" laptop for myself for Christmas methinks!! (This 10" netbook is bad for older eyes/long hours!!!)

Always Ebay!!! Or is that unfair advertising. Mods delete if so, please. I’m new here.

The above mentioned site is worth some storage space in ones “Favourites” folder, by the way. Useful for new Topics if ones imagination fails too.

Not competitors, are they?


PS New laptop delayed in transit now for ten day!!! Starting to fear the worst!! Ring any bells? Carriers!!!

I think this on topic!! Well, if not, well, “Rhett Butler’s”(Joke, it is on topic to me) Rhett’s final remark I meant there!

I use Skype a lot for sms. The carrier mentioned earlier now hates me (laptop lost in transit etc etc). Mid-day today (UK), On line Skype users, approx 30 million, Now (23-15 UK) , 19 Mill.

Time zones of course. Is Skype “big” in the USA? Time there now aprox,16-00 Hours (ECT)

Now dates folks!! Dates used by MyCE, especially in replies. Just how does the International Date Line feature in this!!! Whoa…! That’s enough.

Was I correct to re-set my computer? Should I disable it’s “clock”??

Now my bedtime. (Age again you see!!)


PS Not of to bed just yet!! If Skype is "big in the good old US of A, what’s the usage around their busiest time, Say mid-day in NY??

PPS (Got to be old to use that, by the way) Hope I sleep OK. This forum has lots to answer, etc ! Now, just where did I leave that unfinished Xmas Scotch I wonder!!! Memories not what it !! That’ll make me sleep

Got up after forty minutes! Couldn’t sleep, (tossing and turning) Should have mentioned that my emails to the carrier were quite “copious”!!!

A manager rang me on his “personal mobile”, trying to avoid a letter from a solicitor. Perhaps I had idly mentioned that in an email !! Remember now! It was email number 23 or 24!!! He also mentioned the firm’s band width, whatever that means!

Hence the sms. He won’t make that mistake again!! With other angry customers I mean. May be lots of those with this nasty weather.

Ten days in transit!! Hope not wrongly delivered!! Is someone using my new computer?? For free??

Could be worse. I paid via Paypal!!!


PS Can sms, on Skype, be “cut and pasted”, by the way?? Reads almost like a novel. One sides of course!! May send it off to Watchdog for viewers amusement. Lots of angry viewers still awaiting parcels I bet!!

Especially in Scotland.

Final thought friends… promise. Still on topic IMHO!! (Must be if I used them above).

Why does the web site software pick up, and underline, Skype and Ebay and NOT Paypal?. Paypal is owned by Ebay I think!! Not sure about that.

Now very tired (three medium sized Scotch “shots”, seem to be working).

I don’t t know how to "underline. Must RTFM!! Must be a “software"pick up” the underline thing!!

Our IT friend will know the acronym!! (Think they are called that). More tired!!

The web site programmers will know of coure!!

Very, very, very last one!

Web software didn’t pick Skype up in a certain “PS”,(Hash 14)

Software tired also??. It IS late!!


PS (Yet again, (know what your thinkingg)!! Isn’t Skype, (another little sly test), owned by Ebay also? Not so in touch with company affairs as previously. Retired from the rat-race, thankfully. Just checked. Seem to have spelt “Skype” , OK!! Bet apostrophes are difficult. for the software!!

Just fun. Our software is Superb! Never lost on site yet!!!

Goodnight ( GMT probs’ again)! Goodnight is a GMT “thingy”

I know, I Know !!!

It’s spelt PayPal.

Just testing folks. Small things, amuse small minds.!!!

My late wife always said I was devious. Sometimes useful though, being a little devious Ask anybody who has visited and done business in Hong Kong!!

Just fun

Our software IS superb!!! Let’s all be grateful. Hate other messy forums!!

My late wife also said" I had obsessions and not hobbies". Very smart my late wife.!! Still miss her of course, after 27 years!!

She was correct about, blah, blah blah etc etc (No wasted BW there john) Note the small j Used to freelance on the site I pointed out earlier!!

See SFE. (quoted earlier)

Took up golf as a young man!! Practiced so much “hands bled”. I’m rubbish now of course. Broke 100 last week!! ,any golf playing members will sympathise!!

Can sleep all day tomorrow of course. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, you younger people.

Need to have nice hobbies of course. For indoors and outdoors. Never could rely on the weather in the UK!!!


Re: going off topic. I think there’s nothing wrong with a little straying (!)…as I’ve found, more often than not, no matter how OT a thread gets, someone will always come along and address the original post/question…so it all comes full circle.

And the banter inbetween helps keep a thread active, which is especially handy if it’s a plea for help on one of the techie forums here, and a solution hasn’t yet been posted for the OP. :slight_smile:

Re: golf - you should find Kerry’s Golf thread, John…it’s hidden here in the LR somewhere. :slight_smile:

Reference #16

PayPal is a wholely owned subsidiary of Ebay

Skype, was wholely owned by Ebay, but was off-loaded,Feb 2009. Now a separate company!! Board problems, or some-such.

If Ebay has sold a small number of share in PayPal, and it has become a Majority Owned Subsidiary Co. None of “those” Replies,====retired etc and “Rhetts” if any seemingly well informed tell me that Ebay, have sold, MORE than 50%, you will at know the suitable name of the holding company!!!Less than 50% is a-----well!!! Been, there done it etc etc!

I KNOW, I didn’t mention Skype at #16, by the way. Did elsewwhere,I’m sure our site, couldn’t care less, not going to go looking. So there!!!

Didn’t look any of the above up!!

It was on one of those “answer’s on a post card” thing’s, pushed through my letter box… Could have said mail box by the way(cyberspace), whichwould only have started me off again-----------! didn’t of course1 (Enough’s enough, when you’ ve gol non- travelled Jet lag , by upsetting youn own body clock , staying, can’t sleep (GMT), there somewhere, by the way!!!

Shy writer of the PC, obviously no probs with writing cards, not " Replies" here.

How he found my address--------not let’s go their (Address thingy, could elaborate on that. Was a bit confused, (Note he had written in pencil on the PC. Was a little confuse – Thought that the main “Reply” button might better be styled "Reply/ Comment, He pencilled it in not my opinion. was also an NB about reply’s are usually to questions As if it matters-------picky as well as shy.

Still, I thought it was a nice gesture on his part!!! Would be an additon to the club if he losr his shyness!!! Hate these, but (BW) thingy again
IMHO Hate M8’s, U2 etc also… Have niece, completely addicted, to this viral network nuisance thing…, never read her sms!!!My phone has a recyle bin etcc Top of the line the adverts all raid. Voice recorder , also, used it once for draft (ex freelance etc, ) Used the recycle bin button,lots there------!

I know we are short, apparently of Flu Jabs!!! on the NHS (have mine, get a reminder of course, every October (bit of a clumsy sentence that)

No shortage (50 deaths, by the way (Hate those b— BTW thihgs, ruination of a beautiful language Shakespeare, off topic, too easily followed dead end (Hampton Court Maze, flashed through my mind for a moment then------(dead end), no, no! More stock----etc would have helped thisviral syndrome!!etc.

Well it’s done grasshopper mind thread (Thread) ignored by the way----said I hated those made up words, I think________!!


PS Have a very,very big book/ Complete Shakespeare/ bash the users of----- those made ups over the head etc,STOP just there-----!!

Why no response to Skype user’s globally…in various######?

Don.t scroll back. Short term memory problems, ---- not often suffered really, Only by the more elderly surely!!! Happy Scrolling. A bit like Happy New Year (only the10th or 11th ) Wonder, when scrollling dies, because of this shortage with the vaccine Will there be an annual Happy Scrolling Day?? (so short, they are using Swine Flue Jabs, Useless of course, against the prevalent epicemic… Who’ d be David Cameron. Did you see the Guardian article!!! For the yet undecided , by all this discusssion----! Read the lot, top to bottom in 2minutes, 32.5 secs

Speed Reading of course… Look it up!!! Don’t start again john!!.