Club.cdfreaks vs forum.cdfreaks



Earlier today when receiving an email notification, i clicked on the link and it took me to

Anyway, it says errpr 404 the page cannot be found. So i was like whats going on?

So i typed in and it tooks me to the mainpage.:confused:

So after typing in I can view threads normally, etc. So whats going on?

Are we having server problems?


strange…it brings me to the forum mainpage


looks like it time to run adaware again.


would be a good idea to that once in a while
but i don’t think the cdfreaks-add will capture your start-page


it didnt capture the start page. I just cant load up any forum threads with club in the URL, only forum, Im running adaware now and maybe that’ll fix it.


let me know if you fixed it…


Well i ran spybot and adaware and deleted out what they found. But unfortunatly my problem still stands. Maybe one of the admins know…


did spy bot remove the cdfreaks coockie??


server nonsense - it’s fixed or being fixed


Originally posted by FutureProof
server nonsense - it’s fixed or being fixed

you were right, itas working now.