Club cd

It has been a while since a visited. What happened to Clubcdfreaks???

The place has gotten a little mousy. Or is that MyCE?

Name change, focus change as well, since we will no longer be as centered on optical media/drives/dvd software. MyCE stands for My Consumer Electronics, and we are branching out a little as technology moves away from optical disks.

Stand still and die, or adapt and change. Nothing new about that process. We still have the same crew, the same expertise in the old fields, but we hope to stretch out a bit.

By the way, if you don’t like the looks of the new style in the forums, you can shift back to one of the previous ones at the bottom left of the page. There is a drop down box that probably says MyCE Beta at the moment. You can adjust that to whatever style you prefer.

Good to see you back in the forums airphotog.