Club CD Freaks reaches new milestone: 100.000 members!



I just posted the article Club CD Freaks reaches new milestone: 100.000 members!.

our forum, Club CD Freaks,
has reached a new milestone in its existence. Forum member “allupnorth”
registered himself (or herself) yesterday and by doing so we have reached…

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Warm congratulations !


yeah cool congrats:g


This is John Ashcroft CdFreaks more like 100,000 CD Pirates Me Hatch and the MPAA Are keeping an eye on you.How dare you think you have the freedom to use your own media the way you choose. :wink:


“new milestone: 100.000 members!” Sounds like Paris Hilton on a good week. :d


Quality not… oh what the hell :S


Congratulations on this great milestone :X I’m very proud to be one of the 100,000 Members of CD Freaks :B


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Hot. That’s so hot. :g


How many double sign ups in that figure? I know I had to sign up twice when i lost a password. :X


Yeah right 100000 members that will be slapped with a popunder every time they visit the site and click an article!!!


Sweeeet congrats :wink: