Club CD Freaks if it were run by CDRINFO ;-)

He he he… Hope no one from CDR Info reads this…

Hehe, nice one SirDavidGuy! :slight_smile:

chlat jou spellt ouwer names richt

(glad you spelled our names right)

Am glad this forum is popup free (aside from an occasional popup for Free Lord of the Rings DVD, some advertisers never learn), unlike the above mentioned forum :wink:

There are all kinds of sites that play strange tricks on a site you enter, either have it translated to a foreign language by Babelfish or have it changed into a swearing language…amusing

CdFreaks if it were run by Mr. T

Who is Mr T?
He’s fun though… :slight_smile:

There are currently 25 member(s) and 95 guest(s) on some boards.Must be one of Hannibal’s plans.

Originally posted by Airhead
[B]Who is Mr T?
He’s fun though… :slight_smile:


Never seen The A-Team ? :rolleyes:

Jeez thats vrazy, Mr. T. He is a guy that used to wear alot of necklaces back in the mid to late 80’s. And used to say I pity the fool alot. He was on the A-team with a appearance in one of the Rocky movies, (he give Slyvester Stallone a few bruised ribs during filming.)

Check this link out also!

Kinda funny Mr. T vs everything

In the mid 80’s I was three months old… :slight_smile:

In the mid 80’s I was 20 something.

Christ I feel old.

I still remember watching him in a bar bouncer competitiion on tv BEFORE he got famous.

i pitty the foo that hasnt heard of mr t! watch old rocky movies! wasnt it rocky 2? or 3? i cant remember. now he’s outta money, doing our state lottery commercials, and 1 800 collect ones too.