Club CD Freaks adds: DVD Video to Audio CD Guide



I just posted the article Club CD Freaks adds: DVD Video to Audio CD Guide.

Forum member bcn_246
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has posted a guide in our Audio
Forum that covers how to simply copy and extract the audio from a video
DVD to an audio…

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Seems like quite a process–why not use DVD Audio Ripper???


Because DVD Audio Ripper is extra $29, and most people allready have Nero 6 and can get DVD Decrypter and the Plug-In free… unless they want warez of course.
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I read the whole article. Very nice job. These guides in the forum are nice especially since they have the screenshots to make it easier to understand. Now it seems simple! :d Thanks Bcn_246 for the work you did! :slight_smile:


Yay bcn!


decent tutorial but dd5.1 sucks :X if you want to make an audio cd from LPCM 2ch audio track, then i use DGindex, extract and convert the audio track to wav then i’ll make a cue sheet for nero, using chapter points - piece of cake


The probelm is that the DVD LPCM has a sample rate of 48000, but a audio CD is 41000, so it would not be a compliant audio CD (maybe it would work in some players I dont know). Ben :slight_smile:




I said “unless they want warez of course”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job although I just used this to rip them to mp3’s (which makes the chapter split even better). I found “The Godfather” app great for tagging all these files (I backed up The White Stripes - Under BlackPool Lights and it ended up being 26 tracks). It now looks and sounds professionally done. Razorlame dvddecrypter and any burning program is all you need for this bad baby.