Club Archive Pop-Ups



I am upset. I clicked the Club Archive link in the Top Links menu…BIG mistake. Pop-up hell. I had a hard time shutting these down. It was the worst pop-up experience to date. I plead for CDFreaks to have the link removed.


If you’re on IE i recommend you getting a pop-up stopper or if you’re using mozilla turn off pop-ups in the preferences. Once they’re gone it’s a whole new experience.


I would not suggest a popup stopper, you will be bring a lot of sites down, because they survive due to their advertising income.

The archive is 99,9% people who come from search engines, and the function serves no other reason, you can find everything that’s in the archives on the normal Club CD Freaks pages, without popups.

We are showing popups over there, because they are mainly visited by people who are searching for something in a search engine, and likely do not come back, there are clear messages that if they want popup free information, then then should click the appropiate links.

The archives give us the opportunity to leave the main forum popup free and show only a small amount of ads to our regular visitors, while showing the most annoying ads to one time visitors. I hope this clears it up.

The archives are linked to make them better accessible by the spiders.


I am well aware of pop-up stoppers, and use Norton Firewall at home. (Built-in selective pop-up stopper). Thanks Tho.
I guess as long as the main CDFreaks stays realitivly free of annoying pop-ups, I’m ok.
I think CDFreaks owners still need to take a look at the quanity of pop-ups. If one does not know to use Alt F4, (clicking on the X close button brings up two more pop-ups) a person could really get MAD. You do not want things like that associated with such a neat site.


We’re well aware they are heavily annoying, but currently they are the only one with a decent pay rate :frowning: