Clothing Tags (Do not Remove)



This one takes the cake


[QUOTE=alan1476;2739143]This one takes the cake[/QUOTE]



The real trick is to get the child to put the clothes on inside out before you make them jump in the creek.
One step washing. :bigsmile:

Then just make them run around till dry.


What about tags on pillows ,how many people leave them on.


The funnier part about the pic I posted was that the item came from a popular clothing store for kids here in the USA. :bigsmile:


Here’s some tags I can’t believe were made




… for that final one, those symbols in the order from the left:

[li]Don’t drink anything over 40°C - A hotter spill could ruin it!
[/li][li]Not suitable for camping - Attracts unwanted wildlife?
[/li][li]Suitable for transport in tunnels - I wonder about one that isn’t!
[/li][li]Suitable for parking your vehicle - It doesn’t restrict your movement.
[/li][li]Don’t put round things into square objects - Probably gets in the way.
[/li][li]Suitable for use at the table - Must be stain resistant.

As for that note - Of course, not everyone knows how to put it on! :bigsmile:


Didn’t realise I’d started something here Alan. :bigsmile:



[QUOTE=Wombler;2739196]Didn’t realise I’d started something here Alan. :bigsmile:

[B]Wombler[/B][/QUOTE] You are just an instigator.:bigsmile:


[QUOTE=alan1476;2739205]You are just an instigator.:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

LOL, I’ve been called worse too!! :iagree::bigsmile: